Yin and Yang

The Principle of Gender:
"Gender is in everything; everything has its masculine and feminine principles; gender manifests on all planes."
— quoted from The Kybalion

Everything has a yin and yang. Yin is Feminine Energy and Yang is Masculine Energy.

Yin and Yang qualities that should be balanced:

Positive Yin Positive Yang
Love Personal Power
Compassion Discipline
Forgiveness Assertiveness
Joy Discernment
Cooperation Focus
Self-Love Self-Mastery
Acceptance Responsibility
Humility Non-attachment
Gentleness Patience
Peace Faith
Flexibility Decisiveness
Sensitivity Organization
Receptivity Perseverance
Openness Givingness
Intuition Logic
Feeling Confidence
Negative Yin Negative Yang
Hurt Rigidity
Depression Neurosis
Feelings of Rejection Anger
Moodiness Violence
Defensiveness Attack
Fear Criticism
Insecurity Superiority
Worry Impatience
Laziness Hate
Low Self-Esteem Revenge
Guilt Intolerance
Victim Consciousness Pride
Neediness Selfishness
Self-Pity Resentfulness
Loneliness Jealousy
Shyness Addition to Work

Balances of Life

Feminine Energy Masculine Energy
Earth Mother Heavenly Father
Night Day
Moon Sun
Receptivity Expressiveness
Play Work
Silence Speech
Inward Energy Outward Energy
Flow Organization
Hiding Visibility
Feeling Thinking
Passivity Activity
Lack of Focus Focus
Sensitivity Detachment
Processing Goal-Oriented
Orientation in Space Orientation in Time
Continuous Existence Cause and Effect
Sensuality Intellectuality
Intuition Logic
Emotionality Rationality
Heart Orientation Mind Orientation
Slowness Speed
Openness Inhibition
Allowingness Willfulness
Receptivity Assertiveness
Love Firmness
Listening Speaking
Water Fire
Earth Air
Cup Athame
Personal Orientation Impersonal Orientation
Matter Spirit
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