World Myth: The First Samhain

Marissa's feet shuffled through the leaves, keeping time with the thoughts shuffling through her mind. It was hard to believe that centuries ago her ancestors did this every year. Humming a tune, she looked for the spot. She had found it earlier that year, and she just knew it was one of the old places.

She shifted her backpack, brushed the hair out of her eyes, turned, and there it was. Looking at it, she was struck again with wonder. She gazed upon a perfect circle of trees, leaves turning golden, and yet not fallen inside. If this wasn't a sign, then there never would be one. Stopping just outside the ring of trees, she carefully set down her backpack and opened it. She thought of Christopher, wishing he had come, but since he hadn't, she'd do this alone.

Gathering leaves and small branches, she took the twine from her bag and began tying them to her walking stick. Then with her makeshift broom, she began sweeping inside of the Ring. The simple rhythm calmed her, helped her feel her own rhythms.

Marissa began by taking the photos of her parents and placing them at the East. South, she placed a blanket they had wrapped her in as a child. The blanket had been made by her great grandmother, who had died the day she was born. To the West she placed the family bible. She knew that was odd, but it held the names of her family for seven generations. Just looking at those names always made her feel closer to the land that her family had called home. In the North, she laid a picture Chris had drawn, her hopes for the future.

Outside the Ring again, she took the bread, milk, cheese and wine from her backpack. As she had seen her Gram do, she left them for the Good Neighbors saying, "Watch me tonight, I beg you. Do not let me wander far."

Looking up, she noticed the sun beginning to set. "Getting late", she mumbled. Marissa took the candles along with the stone she had found yesterday, and set them in the center of the Ring. As she lit the candles, she found herself feeling further and further away from this world.

Turning to face the East, she saw Chris. He did come after all! She reached out and pulled him into the Ring. Together they placed his family treasures with hers, and walked back to the Center to begin.

As Marissa began calling, the folk who lived on the edge of the wood noticed a strange thing. A mist began to form in the center of the trees. All who saw it felt a sadness within them as they remembered those they had lost over the years. As the night went on, they saw the mist become thicker and saw a flickering light form deep within its center. Those who were strong of heart went out into the mist, and in it saw old lovers, family, enemies and friends.

In the morning, Chris and Marissa awoke in the center of the Ring. As they ventured out, they saw that, indeed, their gifts had been accepted. And waiting for them was a young girl. She looked at Marissa and said, "I saw you ride the winds last night. My name is Lisa. Teach me."

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