Woods and Furniture and Superstitions

The woods have their own magickal powers and influences, and your chairs, couches, desks and stools — in fact, all your wooden furniture — contain the energies of the woods from which they were made.

Ebony, for example, is a wood of magickal power and protection. Furniture made from it is ideal for rooms in which magick is frequently performed.

The following is a list of woods and their magickal influences. You might keep these in mind when purchasing new furniture.

Ebony: Magick, power, protection
Oak: Strength, luck, health, protection
Pine: Money, exorcism, healing
Redwood: Longevity
Cherry: Love
Teak: Riches
Cedar: Healing, longevity, purification, protection
Maple: Love, money
Mahogany: Protection against lightning
Rattan: Luck, strength
Walnut: Health

If you plan to redecorate soon, you may wish to wait until the New Moon. Moving furniture at that time grants good fortune to the mover.

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