Wood Uses
Tree Attributes
Alder The "Battle Witch", protection, truth, purification, regeneration, resurrection, solar tree
Apple Prophesy, love, Celtic tree of life, youth, fairy tree, fertility, romance, creativity, healing, immortality
Apricot Love
Ash Guardian tree, runic tree, justice, longevity, protection, prosperity, health, the sea
Bamboo Protection, luck, hex-breaking
Beech Divination, holy tree, visions, insight
Birch Goddess tree, beginnings, new ventures, to make cradles, birth, rebirth, protection, banishing, purification
Blackthorn Fairy communication, divination, magick, dreams
Cherry Love, divination
Chestnut Love, strength, money, healing
Cypress Longevity, healing, comfort, protection
Dogwood Wishes, protection
Elder Goddess tree, witch and wizard tree, protection, healing regeneration, used for astral travel broomsticks, banishing, protection, healing, wards off attackers, prosperity, sleep. Note: Some Wiccan traditions believe that the elder is sacred to the Goddess and therefore should not be cut or used; however, the leaves and berries are used in spells
Elm Vulnerability, sensitivity, empathy, creativity
Fig Divination, fertility, love
Fir Rebirth, feminine energy, endurance, lunar tree, used to mark ley lines on the land
Hawthorn Fairy tree, divination, prophesy, wisdom, fertility, happiness
Hazel Wisdom, insight, vision, prophesy, fertility, creativity, luck, protection, wishes, anti-lightening
Hickory Longevity, legal matters
Holly Protection, luck, dream magick
Juniper Protection, love, banishing, health, anti-theft
Laurel Oracle tree, divining, victory, honor
Madrone Mother tree, protection, healing, strength, love, regeneration, growth
Magnolia Fidelity, enjoyment, riches
Maple Love, money, longevity
Mesquite Healing
Mimosa Protection, love, dreams, prophecy, purification
Mulberry Protection, magickal focus, strength
Oak Forest king, endurance, fertility, ancestry, love, fairy tree, longevity, rebirth
Orange Love, money, luck, divination
Peach Love, fertility, wishes, banishment, longevity
Pear Love
Pine Life cycles, rebirth, solar tree, inspiration, healing, protection, banishment, money, anti-hunger
Plum Healing
Poplar Money, success, personal riches
Redwood Strength, ancestry, purification, regeneration
Rowan Sorcerer's tree, enchantment, spell casting, witch and fairy tree
Walnut Health, mental powers, wishes
Willow Flexibility, enchantment, dreams, water power, the stars, astral travel, inspiration, divination, love, protection, healing
Yarrow Divining, healing, creativity
Yew Shelter, protection, defense
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