Woman Versus Womyn

For my entire life, I have lived around men. My mother moved away when I was ten and I lived with just my father and my brother. After I left home I lived in a dorm and in a house with seven guys so I never really learned how to act like a woman. Everything I learned came from young women's' etiquette books my mother gave me, so instead of learning how to act like a real woman, I learned to act the way the ideal woman should in the seventies. I learned how to be polite, curtsey, fold napkins properly, and which fork to use for my salad. On the offhand, I did not learn to act the way real women act. It is mostly for this reason that I had very few friends growing up. All I knew was how men acted and how women were supposed to behave in 1976.

This learning did, however, give me the upper hand in deciding how to think. Because I was not raised to hate or think I was better than men, I never developed a strong sense of womanhood the way many women have today. I do not worry about fashion or the latest trends. I do not worry what others think of me based on the brand of clothing I wear, what kind of purse I am carrying, or my style of jewelry. I disregard trends and what is popular.

Many women today fall into the belief that they are no longer women, but womyn. The switch from women being dominated to no longer being domestic has transcended from a fight for freedom to a fight for dominance. Women today are brought up to believe that they are better than men. Even my stepdaughter refuses to play with boys and will berate them in front of her friends any chance she gets. Women are no longer taught that they can do anything equally to men. They are taught that they can do everything better than men. They are taught to consider themselves dominant to those lowly, slimy male creatures. Men are made out to seem stupid, childish, irresponsible pricks who can't think for themselves and need a woman to tell them how to eat, dress, act, think, and feel. I wonder sometimes why this hating of men has not enticed all women to become lesbians.

I have been conducting a study this week. I created a male persona and visited several chat rooms on the internet. The groups were all different. I visited Christian rooms, goth, spiritual, friendly, romance, and regional chat rooms. I chatted exactly the way I would as myself, being polite and just generally a normal person, but I used a man's name and entered "male" in the persona section of my profiles. The difference around every turn was extraordinary! I have never been treated so badly or put down so horribly as I have been put down by all of those women. Women seem to think that everything out of a man's mouth is an invitation for sex. The nicer I was, the more I was rebuffed. Apparently, telling a woman that she is intelligent is grounds for getting a severely painful tongue-lashing. It's no wonder these poor men think that every time a woman is being nice to them, she is flirting. All they are used to is being berated! Any change or hint at niceness must mean that the woman likes him. I have a newly-found severe respect for all men who have to go through this world being bashed for every breath they take.

Because women put men down to make themselves feel better and more powerful, they lose sight of the original goal of equality. Even some religious Pagans go so far as to completely deny the existence of a male god. Others simply refer to him as "Her consort." I think that it is important to remember how problems for women began in the first place, and just think of men as being equal to women. It is wonderful that you embrace your femininity so wholly, but we should also be concerned about what this new power will turn us into. We have a responsibility to our friends, brothers, fathers, husbands, and sons.

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