Witches Ladders

Witches Ladders are used for spell binding. They "bind" the spell so that it cannot stray off course or simply fizzle out without completing its assigned task. Ladders are the ancient precursor to the modern day Catholic Rosary. Witches would fashion their ladder and then chant over it to manifest their desires.

There are two ways to craft a Witches Ladder. One is to tie nine knots in a piece of cord and recite incantations as you tightly tie each knot. This binds the spell intention into the cord and eventually into reality.

Another way is to weave at least three threads together while chanting over them. After the ladder is formed, the witch can either keep it hidden, bury it or burn it depending on what the spell calls for. To undo the spell, the witch would untie the knots and throw the cord into a natural body of running water. Preferably a river or stream.

More advance spells often call for items to be tied into the ladder with the knots to bind certain energies to the spell's purpose. Totem animals charms, plant materials, slender-shaped gemstones, feathers, etc would all be appropriate. This is a powerful tool that can be added to almost any spell or ritual to give added potency to the working.

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