Witches and Witchcraft

11 Things Every Witch Should Know
13 Goals of a Witch
A Crash Course in a Witch's Garden
A Letter to Witches
A Modern Fatal Witch Hunt
A Time Line of Witch Trial History
A True History of Witchcraft
A Witch is......
A Witch Speaks
A Witch's Personal Manifesto
About Witchcraft
Accused Witch - Margaret Jones
Addresses of Pagan Resources
Against the Witch Hunters
An Open Letter to Witches
Basic Outline of a Ritual for the Solitary Witch
Basic Principles of the Craft
Be Witched- To Be or Not to Be
Becoming a Witch
Becoming a Witch
Being a Witch in Britain Today
Bible Witchcraft
Blessed Be- Touching the Power of Witches
Child Sexual Abuse, Assault and Molest Issues
Common Word Usage Misunderstanding- Root of "Witch"
Concerning Nudity
Course 1 - Basic Technologies of Witchcraft
Course 2 - Meditation and Visualization
Course 3 - Basic Ritual Techniques
Course 4 - Neopagan Symbolism
Coven Life vs. Solitary Life
Craft Manners
Cult Abuse of Children - Witch Hunt or Reality
Cunning Folk
Deaths From the European Witch Craze
Designing Rituals
Designing Your Own Spell Using Correspondences
Different Types of Witches
DIY Rituals
Early Scottish Witchcraft
Evocation of the Witch
Hereditary Italian Witchcraft
How to Identify a Witch
I am a Witch
Interpreting the Credo
Interpreting the Witches' Creed
Introduction to Witchcraft
Landmarks of the Craft
Lest We Not Forget
Little Rascals - Ritual Sex Abuse Hoax and its Costs
Medieval Sourcebook- Witchcraft Documents 15th Century
Misconceptions About the Great Witch Hunt
Modern Rituals
My Craft Ethics- By James Crowley
Never Again the Burning
On Being a Kitchen Witch
Pentagram and Witchcraft
Pentagrams and Witches
Personal Experiences with Witch Hysteria
Principles of Witchcraft
Prison Legal News - June 1993
Punishment - Torture and Ordeal
Real Witches Do...
Real Witches Do Not...
Renee Brant from Gerald Amirault's Trial
Risk Assessment within the Craft Community
Seers and Witchcraft
Solitary Witches
Spell Casting in History
Spell Creation
Spell Planning Guide
The Ancient Art
The Coven
The Craft of the Wise
The Decrees of Witchcraft
The Derivation of the Word Witch
The Discoverie of Witchcraft by Reginald Scot - 1584
The Do's and Don'ts of Witches
The Etiquette of Witchcraft
The Evil Eye
The Evil Eye
The Great Oregon Witch Hunt
The History of Medieval Witchcraft
The History of Witchcraft - Part 1
The History of Witchcraft - Part 2
The History of Witchcraft - Part 3
The History of Witchcraft - Part 4
The History of Witchcraft - Part 5
The History of Witchcraft - Part 6
The History of Witchcraft - Part 7
The Johannes Junius Letter
The Killings of "Witches"
The Kitchen Witch
The Path of the Craftsmen in Ancient Egypt
The Salem Witch Trials
The Salem Witch Trials 1692
The Thirteen Powers of the Witch
The Thirteenth Generation- A Pagan Proposal
The Witch
The Witch Laws 8/22/81
The Witch of Sugny - The Trial of Jeannette Petit
The Witches' Round
The Witches Pyramid
The Witch's Apprentice
Top 50 Most Common Myths about Witches
Various Aphorisms (Proverbs)
What is Paganism? What is Witchcraft?
What is Progressive Witchcraft?
What is the Evil Eye
What is Witchcraft?
What is Witchcraft?
What is Your Witch Potential?
Witch Hunts
Witch Hunts
Witch Trials
Witch vs Christian
Witchcraft and Prayer
Witchcraft Annotated Bibliography
Witchcraft - General Practices
Witchcraft - History and Theoretics
Witchcraft in British History - The Advent of Witch Trials
Witchcraft in the Bible
Witchcraft - Our Holidays
Witchcraft - What it is and What it isn't
Witchcraft - Wicca, Spells and Magick
Witchcraft's Magick Across the Ages
Witches Affirmation
Witches' Federal Law Memorandum
Witches - Germany - Schwabisch Hall
Witches Ladders
Witches Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram
Witches Rede of Chivalry
Witches Should Hit the Brooms
Witches- The Torture
Witches Way
Witches, Witchcraft and Supernatural Beings
Witch's Bottle
Witch's Tree of Power
Writing Your Own Spells and Rituals
Your High Priestess

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