Witchcraft in the Bible

Robin Edgar Writes:
"In the Biblical book of Genesis, Joseph dreams that the sun and the moon and eleven stars bow down to him and, when he reports this unusual dream to his father, Jacob immediately recognizes that the sun and moon represent him and his wife respectively while the eleven stars represent their children. The sun is clearly personified as being of the male sex in the 19th Psalm and furthermore is, at the very least in a metaphorical sense, likened to a bridegroom. The sun could hardly be a bridegroom without having a bride and it should be clearly understood that the original composer of the 19th Psalm would most likely have perceived a female moon to be the consort of the sun. There is a very real possibility that this Psalm, along with several others, was a Hebrew adaptation of a 'pagan' Mesopotamian prayer to the sun-god. Surely it is only logical that if the sun is likened to a bridegroom in the Bible his bride can only be the moon. It is a fact that the people of ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia worshiped the sun and the moon as male and female deities and the Hebrew people, who were in constant, albeit often quite unwilling, contact with these civilizations, were not only familiar with these 'pagan' religious concepts but even adopted them to the great dismay of the prophets as the Bible clearly records."

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