Witch's Tree of Power
This is a system of meditation and magick that was designed especially for Wiccan students using familiar Craft zymology. Each “point” represents:
  • A cosmic force
  • A living system of spiritual development
  • The eight paths of power utilized by Witches
  • The eight sabbats
  • The eight phases of the moon
  • The seven classical planets
  • The five elements
If you are more ceremonially inclined, you can match the seven archangels to the seven planets:
Planet Archangel
Sun Michael
Moon Gabriel
Mercury Raphael
Venus Uriel
Mars Camael
Jupiter Sachiel
Saturn Cassiel

However, you should study a bit of angelology before you use them.

As a meditation tool you might wish to spend at least one month working with each path. Study the element, the moon phase, and the holiday. Do as much research as necessary. Meditate on the symbolism and consider why each was chosen as a path to power. Keep a short journal of your personal discoveries. In time you will see connections that are not written on the diagram. That’s the purpose of the tool, to urge you to expand your mind and work toward total spirituality and a deep understanding of magick and Witchcraft.

As a divination tool you can scatter runes over the drawing and relate the diagram to the runic influence, or you can lay out your Tarot cards in the Witch’s Tree of Power spread. The moon phases will give you excellent timing information, and can suggest what type of power to raise on any given situation.

Planetary points and moon phases can be activated either by tapping on the diagram within the body of the spell or laying out candles, gems, or herbs to match the eight points.

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