Witch's Pyramid Meditation

Study the above diagram. Now close your eyes, take three deep breaths, ground and center yourself. In your mind, begin at To Know. Let your mind wander. What do you see? How do you feel? To Know represents the element of air. Breath in and out slowly. Connect with the element of air. Ask for wisdom and it shall be given.

Now move to the To Dare position. This is the element of water. Is there something you are afraid of? Cleanse it from your mind. Open your heart to transformation. Feel the universal love.

Take a deep breath and travel over to the To Will point of the star. This is the element of fire. What courage do you feel you need right now? Are you using your creativity to your best advantage? Fire also purifies. Let any negativity within you turn to ash and drift away.

Take a deep breath and move on to the To Be Silent point. What does this mean to you? Touch the still point of the universe, where everything is one, where everything is at total peace and harmony. In silence you will find truth.

Take a deep breath and move up to Spirit, the point of manifestation. Reach out and touch deity with your mind. What are you trying to manifest in your life? What are your goals? Visualize them.

Take a deep breath and travel back down to the To Know point of the star. As your mind moves down the point, imagine that Spirit has granted your wishes and that they are even now moving toward you on the material plane. Will you be ready to recognize these gifts when they materialize? Do you feel you deserve what you have asked for? If you don’t, then your will won’t take form.

Have faith that what you have asked for will be brought to you. Know that Spirit has granted your request. Feel that certainty, that knowing, deep inside. Take another deep breath and let any visualizations go. Count from one to five, then open your eyes. Practice this meditation for at least two weeks to get the feel of it, then use it before ritual, spell casting, or in your daily devotions.

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