Wishing Spells

Wishing Spell Rule

These wishing spells will work if you believe in them and have "your heart in it" (in other words, put some emotion behind any words that you say).

No matter how much emotion and belief is behind your spell, if your wish is unattainable it shall not be manifested in your reality.

Also, do revise what you are wishing for to be made manifested in your reality — do you truly want this wish to manifest? The reason one should ask this question of oneself before casting one or all of these spells is that many people have gotten what they wished and then realized that it was not what they really wanted.

Also remember, all spells work best and at their most effective when accompanied by any action that you are currently undertaking to make the wish (your desire) manifest in your reality. In other words, if your wish is to find employment and keep it, this wish will not manifest if you do not actively look for employment and attend job interviews.

A Wish Spell
Cairn Magick Wish Spell
Echo’s Invocation
Falcon’s Invocation
Goddess Novena
Three Wishes Spell
Tree Wishing Spell
Wishing Spell
Wishing Spell
Wishing Spell
Wishing Spell

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