Winter Full Moon Meditation

Feel the drums pound in your blood, as waves pounding on the shore.

See the moon rising from her water bed, rising slowly, silently into the sky, competing with the stars for a path through the blackness, her hair lying flowing on the waters.

Feel as her fullness climbs into the realm of the sun, laying claim to her place.

Feel as she exerts her influence, feel as her presence pulls the tides, the tides that made the pounding waves advance and recede along the beach.

As she becomes fuller, she gathers the oceans to her, and releases them, and gathers your body to her and releases it.

Feel her draw you near and let you slip away, and draw you near again.

The waters of your body, the waters in your cells, feel her pull, as she waxes and wanes.

Feel as the beat of the drums brings you into synchrony with the waves that wash the shores, wash higher with every break, wash higher as she waxes fuller and fuller.

Feel the drums pull you into her sphere, into her light, as she fills your vision.

She grows larger and larger, her silver bathing you, draping over you, embracing you, engulfing you.

Her silver light rolls over you, seeps into your skin, into your veins, into your self, runs into you until you are of her, absorbed, whole, complete in her, made of the light that is her.

Feel yourself expand as you become part of her, feel yourself begin to feel her, as you are absorbed into her.

Her thoughts are your thoughts, her instincts, your instincts.

The drumming is very faint, the rhythms of a thousand life forms, far away below you.

As you look down from the heights, see the land laid out below you, quiet, dark, you light falling on the bare trees, the sleeping trees, the sleeping creatures beneath them. Smell the cool damp of autumn leaves, now lifeless on the forest floor.

Your silver rays make cold and silent fires in the lakes.

The world beneath is yours, safe in your care, shaped in your body, nestled in your cool arms. Feel the tenderness welling up inside you as you gaze protectively upon the earth, as you sense her needs, and feel her desires.

They rhythms of the drums slowly swell again.

Feel yourself disengaging, gently drawing down, lightly floating back toward the sleeping earth.

See her body, large in the sky, becoming more distant as you are drawn back toward the drums.

Feel yourself slowly disentangle from her soft rays, as the silver bathes your body, distinct from hers again, as the beating drums become your life force, your beating heart, as you see her hair upon the waters once again.

They rhythms of the drums welcome you, as you look up and see her fullness, distant in her serenity.

See her beauty, and rejoice.

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