Harnessing the power of winds, the power of air, can add a major punch to your magick. If you plan to do some magickal workings on a windy day, it would benefit you to find out which direction it is blowing.

East Winds provide an excellent opportunity for spells dealing with change, transformation, new beginnings, fresh perspectives and creative adventures. This is also a good time for spell and ritual writing and talking things over with your spiritual guide.

South Winds are best for relationship, love and lust spells and workings where anger, jealousy and selfishness need to be resolved.

West Winds have a healing and cleansing quality. It is also a good time for strengthening the intuition and efforts involving both mental and physical fertility and productivity.

North Winds are of a practical nature, good for working with finances, home management and issues that require a level head. It is a good time to plan spells to do when the wind changes.

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