Wind's Four Quarters

(Sing first, then after every verse)
Wind's four quarters, air and fire
Earth and water, hear my desire,
Grant my plea who stands alone,
Maiden, Warrior, Mother and Crone

Eastern Wind, blow clear blow clean
Cleanse my body of its pain
Cleanse my mind of what I've seen
Cleanse my honor of its stain
Maid whose love has never ceased
Bring me healing from the east

Southern wind, blow hot blow hard
Fan my courage to a flame
Southern wind be guide and guard
Add your bravery to my name
Let my will and yours be twinned
Warrior of the southern wind

Western wind blow stark, blow strong
Grant me arm and mind of steel
On a road both hard and long
Mother, hear me where I kneel
Let no weakness on my quest
Hinder me, wind of the west

Northern wind, blow cruel blow cold
Sheathe my aching heart in ice
Armor round my soul enfold
Crone, I need not call you twice
To my foes bring the cold of death
Chill me north wind's frozen breath!

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