Wiccan Protection Ball

Witch balls have been around for centuries, but is nearly impossible (and very costly) to buy one. These silvery balls were once common fixtures in windows, particularly in England, where they were said to repel evil thoughts and curses. Most Pagans don't feel they can spend several hundred dollars to purchase such a ball, even if they could find one, but there is no reason you can't make one.

You will need a clear glass ball or Yule ornament with an opening in one end. If the glass ball has some kind of design, choose one you like or one you can change with further decoration. You will also need a bottle of silver paint found in hobby stores, a few drops of frankincense or patchouli oil, a spool of red thread, and a pair of scissors.

Cover you working space with newspaper to protect against spills. Take the metal cap off the ornament. Carefully pour a little of the silver paint inside the ball and swish it around until the inside is completely covered with the silver. Set it aside to dry.

When the paint is totally dry, cut the red thread into three inch-lengths. Carefully poke this thread into the open end of the ball. Continue cutting and putting the thread into the ball until the ball is nearly full. Put in a few drops of oil. Then put the end back on the ornament. If it has no end, seal it with candle wax.

When you hang the protection ball, chant:
"Symbol of the Moon, symbol of the Lady divine,
Reject all negativity, defend this home (car), me and mine."

This protection ball can be hung in the window of your home or in your car. Any negative thoughts or ill-wishes directed against you are reflected back to the sender. You can also decorate the outside with appropriate designs. You can put them onto wreaths or make them part of a dried flower arrangement. Programmed for protection, these little Witch balls do a very good job.

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