Wiccan Handfasting Song

We all stand in the Circle at last,
Wit-ness-ing two who wish to Hand-fast.
Both do show their love; know their true heart,
Hop-ing that they ne-ver will part.
Bright full Moon is shining above;
Shining down, spreading their true love.
All are skyclad and ev'ryone glad.
Happiness abounds; no one sad.
Flow'rs rest on the altar so gay,
Flowers around the Cir-cle lay.
All the coven is singing with joy,
Happy for this girl and this boy.
"We desire that we be made one
In the eyes of the Gods and ev'ry one."
Runic inscriptions on silver band
Each then places on the other's hand.
"Your life I'll guard before my own,
Disrespect ne'er will I condone.
This athame I'll plunge in my heart
Should I hurt you; cause us to part."
Then they kiss each other with joy;
No more are they just girl and boy.
They're united as one, you see.
The Lord and Lady we say: "Bless'd Be!'

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