Wicca...the Way

Wicca, the way, the powers that be,
For the young and the old, the bold and the free.
The path is to know, the path is to see,
The way of the Ancients, as it used to be.
All the Earth's children, of Sun and of Moon,
Down through the ages, we danced to the tune.
Holy the star, which is worshiped in truth,
Morgan and Merlin, forever in youth.
Candles and incense, tools of the trade,
For Magnus and Witches, all debts shall be paid.
Praise be the Elements, of Fire, Water, Earth and Air,
Esbats and Sabbats, you'll always find us there.
The path of Wicca, the path of the Wise,
In power and glory, all truth shall rise.
We stand United, through the ages long past,
The truth that is Wicca, forever shall it last.
Gathered together, those of the Kin,
In freedom and love, beyond any sin.
Merry meet, merry part, 'tis union for all,
Blessed is the Fellowship, that answers Her call.

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