Web of Stars Psychic Protection Meditation

This meditation, practiced every day alone or with other meditations, exercises your ability to protect yourself from negativity, relieves stress, and urges you to think about the divine. Sometimes we call this activity “shielding” or “warding”. This meditation only takes a few moments, so it’s easy to fit into your busy day.

Find a place where you will not be disturbed. Sit comfortably in a chair. You can play music if you like. Close your eyes. Ground and center. Take three nice, deep breaths. Count down from ten to one. Imagine that you are surrounded by white light. Allow that white light to grow stronger. The light becomes a solid shield around your body. Now surround the white light with a web of stars. This web is like an electrical force field. When any negativity touches the web, it disintegrates. The waves that result from these tiny explosions turn into positive energy, clinging to the net, thereby reinforcing the original web. If you have trouble visualizing this, think of a bug light. The bug hit’s the light, and there is a zapping sound as the light grows brighter. Hold this visualization as long as you can. Then take a deep breath. Reach out with your heart and feel the presence of Spirit, allowing that peaceful feeling to flow through your body. Take another deep breath. Count from one to five and open your eyes. Practice at least twice a day, every day. You can also use this visualization when you feel sick, upset, sad, or think you are in danger.

When you have practiced at least two weeks, you can begin to use the same mediation to protect pets, friends, and family members. Follow the instructions above, then visualize the person surrounded by white light, covered by the web of stars. Hold the visualization as long as you can. Practice every day until you feel the threat is over, or practice as a part of your daily prayers that include pets, friends, and family members.

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