Using Your Divination Tool to Decipher Your Dreams

If you have been working with a favorite divination tool for any length of time, you have gained experience in decoding symbols, moving from your intuition to your conscious mind and sometimes back again. If a dream is particularly puzzling, take a deep breath and relax, then shuffle the cards (or whatever your tool requires) as you re-read the dream. Your final question should be, "What important message or messages are contained within this dream, and how can I use this message to become a better person?"

Let's use the example of the Big Wave dream and a deck of Tarot cards. You can use your favorite card spread, or you can simply draw two cards — the first for the message of the dream and the second for how you can use the message. I drew the Six of Wands, meaning that all obstacles are surmountable, and the Three of Wands, meaning I should welcome change (and not be afraid of it) and continue to assert my efforts in positive ways. The suit of Wands also tells me that my worries were about communication and my inner resources. True enough.

If you are into astrology, you can cast a chart for the moment you woke up and wrote down your dream. Not only is this a good way to learn astrology, you'll also get some major insights on what's going on inside your brain!

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