Touch Ground

Resume a comfortable position. Tap into your cycle of breath.

Focus on listening to the environment around you. Make mental notes of the things you hear, however faint or seemingly inconsequential they may be. Allow the sounds to merge into an indiscernible primal sound, a sound that is difficult to categorize.

Let your mind create the humming of an air conditioner. Let this hum become the humming vibration of a planet traveling through space. Let the sounds of distant chatter meld into the whisperings of the spirit.

Continue to breathe and as you listen carefully to all of the sounds around you, make a low, nonverbal sound as you exhale.

Continue to breathe, releasing a sound on every exhalation, each time allowing the sound to grow louder and stronger. But do not force it. Release your inhibitions and love the sound of your own voice.

Get into a repetitious cycle of transforming air into breath, breath into life, life into the vibration of sound.

Continue developing the sound until it takes a distinct and repeatable form. You are creating your own mantra, the primal vibration that links us with the spiritual world. The best-known mantra is the Sanskrit word, “Om”, pronounced ohm. You can use this sound or create a unique vibration of your own. The mantra is the primal sound of the universe that connects us to the past and the future. It is in a place beyond formal language; it is the language of the spirit.

In addition to creating your own vibration through vocalization, you may also use the sound produced by striking a bell. Strike the bell deliberately and focus on the sound in its entirety as you breathe. Experience every aspect of the vibration, from its actualization that pierces the silence and awakens the mind, to the sustain that carries it through the air, to the gentle fade as it dissipates into the ether.

Let the sound disappear completely and meditate in a moment of silence before striking the bell again. As you listen to the cycle of sound, imagine that you are listening to the voice of the Goddess. She carries a special message for you. Keep your mind tranquil and open so that you may receive the blessings of Her divine presence.

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