Many beginning Witches worry about timing. How long will it take my spell to manifest? How long do I have to wait before something happens? You'll have to wait as long as it takes. Don't have such a long face! Here are a few guidelines on timing:

  • Magick follows the path of least resistance, so unless you have a reason for guiding the magick along a particular line of thought, just let the magick go. The more blocks you place in the way of manifestation, the longer it will take to make things happen.
  • Small goals manifest faster than large goals. Normally, small goals require one week to thirty days to manifest (or one full moon cycle). If your small goal does not happen in thirty days, we work again. Witches call this technique moon to moon, as the cycle from a full moon to a full moon (or a new moon to a new moon) is approximately twenty-eight days.
  • Larger goals require the building of your magickal techniques. Those who have larger goals work up to six months to manifest their desires. Each week, do a different kind of magickal application to add energy to your desire.
  • The old teachers said, "Do a spell, then forget it." These teachers meant to do the spell but don't worry about it. Feeding negative thoughts into your spellwork will defeat your purpose. If you worry about the manifestation of the spell, then you create blocks in the path of that manifestation.
  • Don't try to direct your spell to much. Let's say you need money, but you've tried every way possible in the regular world with no success. Now you want to do magick. If you think that the only way money will come to you is through the means you have already tried, you will fail. The wise Witch leaves the path to money up to Spirit. This would be the same for the path to love, the path to protection, ect. This doesn't mean you should not keep working in the "real world" to help manifest your desires. If you were sick, you would go to the doctor and work magick for healing. If you wanted to bring love into your life, you would work on being a pleasant person and not lock yourself in the house and expect Cupid to come down the chimney, dragging your lost love in tow. If you needed protection, you would talk to your parents about the situation that has occurred and why you feel frightened. If you feel, for whatever reason, you cannot talk to your parents, then talk to a reliable adult. If you work money magick, you would keep looking for opportunities and work on your creativity.
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