The Yew Working

The Yew Working seeks to synthesize the runic forces of the heavenly and chthonic streams in the consciousness of the vitki.

Preferably, this working should be performed in bare feet on the surface of the earth.

  1. Stand facing north with your arms at your sides.
  2. Settle and concentrate your mind with a few deep breaths or through the use of breathing exercises.
  3. Center your attention below your feet, at the imaginary infinitely small center of the Earth, where-from the subterranean streams of power spring; visualize this as pitch black and then intone the formula uuuuuuuuuuuu. As this force rises from the center of the Earth and streams into your feet and is formulated into a black sphere of about 6" diameter, halt intonation of the vocalic formula. Hold this image in your mind.
  4. Turn your attention to the wide expanses of the World above your head. Visualize the zone of white energy of infinite expanse, intoning the vocalic formula aaaaaaaaaaaa as this force flows from a wide expanse into a vertical column to the crown of your head and formulates a white sphere. Hold this image, along with that of the black sphere, and stop for a moment to consider the polarity, the force of attraction between them which is palpably manifested throughout the vertical column formed by the length of your body.
  5. Next, turn your attention to the region of your genital organs and visualize a column of energy rising from the black sphere, slowly becoming deep blue as you intone the vocalic formula iiiiiiiiiiii and it stops in the genital region and forms a sphere. Holding these various images, proceed to the next step.
  6. Turn your attention to the region of your upper chest (at the top of your sternum) and visualize a column of force descending from the white sphere and the crown of your head, becoming pink and finally bright red as it reaches your upper chest, where it too forms a bright red sphere. During this process, intone the vocalic formula eeeeeeeeeeee. Once this sphere has been established, you may halt the intonation of the vocalic formula, again to pause and consider the polarity between these two complexes of cosmic energy. As you do so, you will feel the ever increasing force of attraction each has for the other.
  7. Now visualize the forces of these two complexes simultaneously meeting in your solar plexus region as a bright green sphere is formed that radiates with a golden or bright yellow light from its center. Intone the vocalic formula oooooooooooo during this process. Concentrate on the wholeness of this structure and its fundamental unity with yourself.
  8. Now, to end this rite, being to circulate the collected and intensified force from your center throughout the length of the structure with the vocalic formula eeeeeeeeeeee (a lax neutral vowel sound during which all the muscles of the mouth as relaxed). The energy will flow up and down the length of the vertical column within your body, becoming focused and intensified at each of the centers, or wheels, within your system.
  9. End by gathering all energy in the center, allowing it to re-balance itself throughout your system. Relax and finish with a few deep breaths.
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