The World's Gods and Goddesses
God/dess Origin Characteristics and Powers
Adonai Aretz Israel God of magickal manifestation through will
Agizan Voodoo God of psychic magick
Artemis Greece Goddess of all magickal matters
Brigit Ireland Goddess of the occult, witches, and prophesy
Dactyls Greece Spirits who empower magickal symbols
Dakini Buddhism Beings who govern magickal initiation and spiritual insight
Ea Babylon God of incantations
Freya Norse Goddess of magick, good fortune, future-telling, and astuteness
Hecate Greece Patroness of witches and spellcraft
Hephaestus Greece God of metal and gem magick
Kamrusepas Hittite Goddess of spells and magickal arts
Lud Wales God of healing magick
Ningirama Mesopotamia God of magick and protection (snakes)
Pancaraksa Buddhist Goddesses of spellcraft and magick formulas
Re Phoenician Goddess of moon magick
Surya Hindu God of sun magick
Thoth Egypt God of ritual magick
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