The Witches Chant

I am all women, I am every woman. Wherever women are suffering, I am there. Wherever woman are struggling, I am there. Wherever woman are fighting for their liberation, I am there.

I am at the bedside of the woman giving birth, screaming in labor; I am with the woman selling her body in Vietnam so that her children may eat; I am with the woman selling her body in the streets of American cities to feed the habit she acquired from her boyfriend.

I am with the woman who never sees the light outside her kitchen; I am with the woman who never sees the light outside her factory; I am with the woman whose fingers are still from endless typing and whose legs ache from the high heels she must wear to please her boss; I am with the groupies following the rock bands-what monstrous liars convinced them this is their liberation?

I am with the woman bleeding to death on the kitchen table of a quack abortionist; I am with the woman answering endless questions of the inquisitive caseworkers; and I am with the caseworkers, whose dreams of making a new social order have long been smothered in the endless bureaucracy, the endless forms, the racism of their superiors.

I am with the beauty queen painting her face and spraying her hair with poison; I am with the black prostitute straightening her hair and lightening her skin; I am with the young child for whom an apron is the only thing she has been taught to dream of; I am at the hospital where a beaten child is being treated for wounds caused by a mother driven by desperation past sanity, past compassion; I am with the forty-five-year-old file clerk, raped and strangled in her one-room walk up.

I am with all women; I am all women, and our struggle grows.

I am with the welfare mothers who will not be turned away by the indifferent legislators; I am with the airline stewardesses fighting to retain their jobs after they reach thirty and their market value has decreased; I am with the witches hexing Wall Street and the bridal fairs and the beauty contests; I am with women struggling everywhere.

And where there are women too beaten down to fight, I will be there; and we will take strength together. Everywhere: for we will have a new world, a just world, a world without oppression and degradation.

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