The Temple Sleep

Dreams allow us to explore what lies beneath the surface, the unspoken world of image and mystery that lies dormant, ready to rise and make its presence known in our lives. The Goddess may come to you in dreams through symbols and signs. She travels from a place beyond, both in and out of time. Enter into Her temple with the intention to know Her and to open your subconscious mind to Her presence, Her words, and Her teachings.

Let the room be dark, except for a lighted candle or two, but no more. Lie flat on your back with your head pointing north, preferably toward your altar as well. Relax and get comfortable. You will be here for a while. Visualize yourself approaching the doorway of a grand temple. You walk up the wide marble steps between two towering columns. Inside, the walls are illuminated by the fiery dance of torch sconces. Flowers adorn the high altar and curls of fragrant incense waft through the air.

  1. Begin by focusing on rhythmic breathing. Inhale, and energy is transformed from air into breath. Exhale, and energy is released back into the atmosphere from whence it came, forever changed by you.
  2. Continue this rhythmic breathing until it is well established. You should feel relaxed, but invigorated with energy flowing through you, as in a successful meditation.
  3. Inhale, and tighten all of your facial muscles in a deliberate grimace. Exhale, and relax them, assuming your usual countenance.
  4. Inhale and tighten your shoulders, bringing them up toward your ears.
  5. Exhale and release the tension, allowing your shoulders to drop to their normal position. Inhale and clench your fists tightly. As you breathe out, let your hands relax and go limp.
  6. On your next inhale of breath, arch your back and neck as much as you can without straining. Think of trying to look at the north altar that is just beyond your head. Hold this pose for a moment; exhale and relax your spine.
  7. As you inhale, tighten the muscles in your buttocks. Exhale and release the tension. Inhale and tighten your thigh muscles. Exhale and release. Inhale and flex your feet, even curling your toes. Exhale and relax your legs. Lie still for a moment and notice the change in your energy.
  8. Continue the steady, rhythmic breathing and begin to visualize a soft, red, glowing pinpoint of light located at the very base of your spine. As you breathe, allow your vision of this light to grow so that the pinpoint grows first brighter, then larger, as it envelops your entire body in a warm, red aura, surrounding you and comforting you. Just as slowly as the light grew to surround you, allow it to collapse within itself and return to the pinpoint at the base of your spine where it began.
  9. Continue your cycle of breathing and begin to visualize a tiny pinpoint of orange light emanating from just below your navel. As you did before, focus on the pinpoint of orange light, allowing it to grow in size and in intensity until it covers your entire being in a warm blanket of peace and pleasure. Breathe into this orange light, allowing it to flow through you. Slowly gather the light and send it back to its source until it once again resembles the glowing pinpoint.
  10. Sustain your rhythm of breath and envision a pinpoint of yellow light glowing in your solar plexus. The yellow light grows and covers you like a kiss from the sun. You are surrounded by its beauty. Breathe into it, allowing it to grow and permeate every cell in your body. The light extends above you and below you, surrounding you completely. It is a part of you and you are a part of it. You are inseparable until, by the force of your will, you encourage the light to collapse within itself and return to the pinpoint of light, small but glowing steadily in your solar plexus.
  11. As you continue to breathe, you feel your heart open to reveal a pinpoint of bright green light, shiny like a new leaf. The light grows and surrounds you with an overwhelming sense of healing and love. You are covered in green, like a virgin field in the newness of spring. The sensation of pure love flows through you, emanating from your heart but extending outward to touch every part of you, even that which lies beyond your reach. You are whole. You are at peace. You revel in this delightful green aura until you decide to let the green light return to its home, where it continues to thrive as a tiny pinpoint of light nestled safe within your heart.
  12. You continue your cycle of rhythmic breathing as you imagine a pinpoint of blue light emanating from your throat. The light grows to surround you with coolness and truth. You breathe into the blue light as though you are floating on an azure sea, buffeted by soothing waves. Enclosed within the radiant blue, you allow yourself to drift into a realm of peace and understanding. You are on the cusp of uncovering a great secret, an ancient wisdom. You wish to travel further, but in order to do so you must first send the radiant blue light back to its origin, where it will continue to glow.
  13. You continue to breath as you envision a deep indigo light glowing in a pinpoint on your forehead right between your eyes. The light grows and its intensity deepens. You are surrounded in the calm of this deep dark indigo. Unseen worlds begin to reveal themselves to you. You are opening your psychic sight. All the work you have done begins to make itself apparent. Knowledge and wisdom inhabit this light, which fills your being. Breathe slowly and accept the teachings of this light.
  14. Breathe gently and allow yourself to be cradled in the light of wisdom. Proceed with your cycle of breathing and allow the light to return to your third eye, where it will continue to extend gentle radiance throughout the long night.
  15. A tiny pinpoint of purple light begins to emanate from the top of your head. It begins to extend outward like a crown. The light grows until you are surrounded by a regal purple aura.
  16. You are covered in this splendor and are experiencing sensations that occur rarely in a lifetime. You are activating your spiritual self, exploring your identity as part of the divine matrix. You are unique and individual, but an aspect of the living Goddess as well.
  17. Breathe in this and experience yourself in your highest form and function. You are in a place beyond time and space, able to see the unseen and touch things far beyond your reach.
  18. Experience these sensations as ultimate reality. You have chosen this spiritual path, and now your eternal essence is making itself known to you in a very real way. You are experiencing it through this purple light that envelops you totally. You live through this light, and as it extends outward, so do your energy and your essence. Breathe into this light. You will always be a part of it, even as you send it back to its source. It will forever live inside your mind, able to spring forth from your crown whenever you have need of it. You have seen yourself as a pure spiritual being. You have caught a glimpse of your divine essence.
  19. Lie still. All along your body are gentle pinpoints of brilliance, bathing you in all the colors of the rainbow. You have a sense of completeness and wholeness about you. You are utterly relaxed and at peace. Your mind is open and unencumbered. You lie in darkness and in silence. Your only company is the divine presence and the surrounding shadows. You have chose to be here. You are unafraid.

You may even fall asleep if you are comfortable enough and inclined to do so. Give yourself plenty of time to experience this state of being. When you are ready to arise from your temple sleep, sit up, and open your eyes.

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