The Story of the Seasons

In the story of the Seasons the God and Goddess change their appearances and lives a few times. This is recognized and celebrated by Pagan/Wiccans. It shows us that as the year grows older and the seasons change so do deity. They are reborn and re-invent themselves to show us how they are tied to the seasons, growing when the plants are growing and dying as the earth dies with them.

At midwinter the God is born as the son of the Goddess. She can also be seen re-birthing herself as the bright baby, the magickal maiden (maiden aspect of the triple goddess/3 faces of the Goddess).

At Imbolc, the start of February the Goddess has grown a little she is the mother and the maiden both. She has recently given birth to the God and is glowing, creative and fruitful; she is newly burgeoning along with the earth. This is seen in the growing of flowers such as snowdrops and in ewe’s milk for the newborn lambs. She is maiden and is growing into mother. They God himself is also young and growing.

At the Spring Equinox the God and Goddess are both youthful and vibrant, filled with excitement at their potential. The Earth itself is really awake now it is growing fast and green. Flowers and plants are beginning to grow and animals are being born, life is starting to bloom.

At Beltane, the start of May, the Goddess is mature and glowing. The God has slowly been changing he is now the Goddesses consort, husband and lover, but he is turning his face towards the realm of quiet and shadows. The Goddess is serene and fruitful; she is the Mother of the glory of nature. The earth is warm and ripe.

At the end of July is Lammas. The Goddess as the Earth Mother is presiding over the first harvest. In a sense the God now dies, he is cut down along with the corn, but he is not truly gone as he is reborn in the provisions made from the harvest for the cruel winter months ahead.

At Mabon, the Autumn Equinox, The Goddess is still the gentle Earth Mother; this is really the second harvest celebrations. The God is a shadowy presence in the dark, quietly waiting.

At Samhain, the end of October, the God is now the true Lord of the Underworld. The Goddess is now in the guise of the Wise Crone. They are both old and clothed in mystery. This is a time of death, the earth is cold and desolate, the trees are empty, the fields are empty all the flowers are gone, this is leading them to rebirth and on again to Yule for another year.

Sabbat rituals are done by recognizing the aspects of the Holiday and incorporating them into your ritual. Below are some ideas of things to do for each holiday and things associated with them.

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