The Spider Healing Chant

For fevers, colds, flues, and other assorted nasties. In this chant, the spider is a benevolent spirit that is called by you to assist the patient. Her job is to drive out the sickness by using her web to entangle the spirit of the illness. In the chant, the diseased spirit is told that it will be used as the spider's steed, and therefore will be harnessed and eventually driven out of the body. The "sister" is another spider who comes to aid the first and finishes out the cure.

The explanations in parentheses should not be spoken aloud. The chant should be said three times every half hour until the fever breaks, and then thrice a day for nine days, or longer should the disease be a more difficult one. You may also wish to hang a rubber or stuffed spider in the sick room until the patient recovers, empowered to "take off" the illness from the individual. If cleansed properly, the spider can be used on a repetitive basis.

In the eleventh century, the magickal person sang the chant/charm first in the patient's right ear, then in the left, and then over the crown of the head. Names of divinity or famous personages like Maximianus, Malchus, Johannes, Martimianus, Dionisisus, Constantinus, and Serafion were written on small wafers, which were strung on a red thread and hung about the patient's neck until the illness totally left the body.

Here a spider-wight (spirit) came in.
She had her web
(to trap you) in her hand.
She said that you were her steed,
she laid her cords on your neck.
They began to set off from the land

(leave the body).

As soon as they came from the land,
then they began to cool
(fever reduction).
Then the sister of the beast came in.
She put an end to it
(sealed the healing so that disease could not return)
and she swore oaths
(created a warding effect)
that this should never hurt the sick person
nor him or her who could obtain this charm
or knew how to sing this charm.
So mote it be.

Follow by drawing the equal-armed cross in the air and say: "It is so."

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