The Rules for Love Magick
  • Never, ever try to magick a person against his or her will. Witches don't do that. If you like Harold or Sally, you simply cannot cast a spell to make them love you and expect to live happily ever after. Even if your spell works, you will suffer the repercussions. Oh, you'll give anything to have that person love you? Think again. Breakups in relationships won through magick have consistently rated the most violent, the most devastating, and the most harmful of good magick gone bad. Only a fool magicks someone into loving them.
  • Never, ever take someone's husband, wife, or significant other from them either with or without magick. Romping on someone's turf will get you into trouble. Good Witches do their best to stay out of that kind of dead-end relationship. A lover won from another by means of magick will lead you down the path of misery.
  • You cannot own another person. A person doesn't "belong" to you like a piece of property. Witches never give away their "shields" to another person. You always retain your personal power.
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