The Pattern

Within time, as without, there exists a lineage as old as Time — the lineage is the Merlin and the lineage is the Morgan, the Force of the Wisest in the way of Magick, both male and female, who are the of the Great Sea, the Veil-Between-the-Worlds.

The Force of Merlin is summoned into the form of the Wisest of Men; the Force of Morgan is summoned into the Form of the Wisest of Women, and They know each other always.

Of the Four Fire Festivals, we all know. Of the four, the Wisest of Queens is the Queen who wears the Crown of Morgan-le-fey, Whose presence is felt at the Time of Samhain. She never quite dwells outside of the Mists, but Her Form is seen in the Priestess of the Moon, both upon the Island-Outside-of-Time and in the World-Within-Time.

Know the Legend! For if the Legend were to die, so would the Magick. Magick is the Gate-Between-the-Worlds, and the Gate must be kept open.

So, understand the above and listen, with mind and heart, to the legend—

In the Caves beneath the World there exists many things, like Dragons and Merlins and Sleeping Kings. To awaken the Latter we must summon the Former — the Power of the Sacred Seed!

It blossoms within the Womb of the Ancient Queen Who does not age, nor lose Her ability to bare fruit. Her representative in Time is the Priestess of the Moon who is not known, nor acknowledged, within the World of Men. She bares the Dragon through the Darkness and to the Daughters of the Moon is born a Son: He-Who-will-Be-King.

He is taught, by the Merlin, many things.

He is taught to See, to Walk, to Listen, to Remember, to Learn for Himself. He is taught to Talk, to honor all things of the Sacred, to Defend Himself; He is taught the power of Defending more than Himself. He is taught the Speech of Air, of Fire, of Water, of Earth and he is taught to do with what He learns! He learns of the Sacred Places. He is given to understand the Instruments of Magick and how they are wielded. He learns about Beauty. He learns about Pain. He is taught Compassion and also Justice. He is taught to question to seek the Truth in all things.

He is given the Power to keep the Gates-Between-the-Worlds and to know which of Them is which!

Not much more than a boy is He, but He is ready.

He comes to the Island-Outside-of-Time, the Sacred Place that is known to all who tread the Path of Magick, at the Time of Spring. The Daughters of the Moon choose from amongst themselves. The Force of Morgan is summoned and invoked within Her by all of them, but especially by the Wisest of Women, Queen of the Lake.

The Boy must prove Himself to the Daughters of the Moon; the Rite of Manhood sees Him running with Stag, on the wildest of Wild Hunts, to see the right to His Crown. The Lady Morgan awaits Him and sends Him Her strength. He takes the Crown!

The Lady Morgan anoints His body with perfumed oils and together They enter the Bower of Flowers that has been prepared for Them.

“As the Cup is as both woman and Goddess and Athame is both as man and as God so it is by Their Union that all is Bountiful!”

With the Dawn They come, loving each other and the One-Who-is-Yet-to-Be. The Queen of the Lake hands Him Her Sword, most Sacred of the Sacred Regalia within the Caves of the Blessed Isle, as yet within its blood-red Scabbard, and says to Him: “One is nothing without the Other, Justice and Compassion is the Law of the Sword.” And He returns to within Time to defend the Places of the World and so to fulfill His purpose.

He grows Strong in Truth and His Power is known throughout the Land and the People sing His praises, “Oh, Beloved of the lady!” and the Earth bares Fruit.

But the Wheel spins and spins and His Fruitfulness is replaced with the Wisdom of the Age and He knows His stay within Time has run its course — the Harvest begins! and His Body is scattered throughout the Fields; He is corn and oats and wheat and barely and all the fruit and flesh and grains of Time.

And His remains are deep within the Earth and the Land lies waiting the Child-of-Promise and it all begins again and again and again.

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