The Necklace of a Thousand Strands

In the beginning that ever was and ever shall be, there was only Night. She lay sleeping. In Her sleeping, She dreamed. In Her dreaming, She sighed. In Her sighing, She turned and in Her turning, She awakened. In Her awakening, She saw naught but Herself, and found Herself beautiful.

Long did She delight in Her beauty, Her perfection. Her softly rounded limbs, full body and flowing hair were so magnificent that She wished to adorn Herself.

She captured Her thoughts, each a brilliantly colored speck of light, and strung them together to form a Necklace of a Thousand Strands. This She donned and was pleased.

Each speck sparkled with its own hue and brilliance, creating spectacular scenes of Night in Her many attitudes and postures. When Night moved, so did the Necklace of a Thousand Strands. This created a living, moving mosaic of Night — each image acting and reacting with other images of Herself.

Though this was beautiful and pleasing to Night, it created in Her a loneliness. Loneliness to have companionship, loneliness to have another admire Her great beauty, loneliness to experience love outside Herself.

Not know how to create this Other that She longed for, She sought to amuse Herself through movement. She began a stately dance, slow and measured. As She turned in the figures of the Dance, wind was created in Her passing, and in it She visualized a partner, a counterpart.

She sent all Her love and longing into the whirlwind She had created, and a shadowy form began to take shape. She turned and spun ever faster, thinking more upon the shape of Her desire.

The form became more solid. It began to take on substance and reality. It was like, yet unlike, Night. She felt drawn to it and it was impelled toward Her.

She gloried in Her creation of the form, and it adored Her great beauty. The Two danced together. The longer They danced, the stronger and brighter did the fierce spirit of longs and love grow between Them, Night and Her Shadow.

Her Shadow became all that Night was not, out of Her longing to be fulfilled, and She was called Day.

Day and Night danced furiously together, and finally, no longer able to keep apart, made love to one another. In Their wild, passionate turnings, the Necklace of a Thousand Strands began to break, a strand at a time. The specks of light went flying off to become the Stars, to swim about the divine couple, in beautiful precise patterns, as if to remain a part of Love's Dance. Thus began the Ages of Loving.

All but one strand broke, and it remains together to this day. It is seen in the sky, brilliant, breath-taking and awe-inspiring. We call it the Milky Way.

Dawn and Dusk are the sacred times and places where Night and Day merge in love's ecstasy. Keep them holy.

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