The Military Shrine

When our youngest daughter chose the armed services, we knew she would be so busy the first several months that she wouldn’t be able to practice Witchcraft in the way in which she was accustomed. When she left home we turned her room into “the magick room”, and set up a shrine for her protection while away from us. The shrine grew to include the letters and postcards she sent home, pictures of her before and while she entered the service, a Himmelsbrief, talismans and amulets, a continuously burning candle matching the color of the day she was born, a bowl of water changed every two days, and other offerings to deity. When we attended her boot camp graduation, we discovered a Catholic family that had done the same thing, proudly displaying the pictures of their home shrine dedicated to two of their children in the armed services. They topped our efforts, however, because they had two life-sized pictures of their children beside their shrine. That’s dedication!

If you have a family member in the armed services or in one of the top ten most dangerous jobs in the country (which include timer milling, being a police officer, search and rescue, and so on), then you may wish to build a protective shrine just for them. Don’t kid yourself — every little bit you do, even if you seem estranged or too distant, will certainly help the individual you love.

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