The House of the Mind

You are lying down in a field of grass. It is warm but not too warm, and a slight breeze is passing over your body. It was a lovely day, and now the sun is almost setting. You can hear crickets singing in the distance, and all you want to do is lie in the grass, relax, feel the ground cradling you. Your eyes are closed against the sun, and you can feel its red warmth and see its orange rays through your eyelids, bright yellow. You can feel the grass underneath your back, and you can smell the fresh, green scent of it. The sun is shining on you like a blessing and warming your eyes, your head, your face, your neck, your chest, your arms, your stomach, your legs, your feet — you could lie like this forever — (Pause about ten seconds before moving on.)

As pleasant as this is, you want to get up. You sit up slowly and open your eyes. The sky is dusky blue, deepening to violet. The field is quiet, and you move slowly through it, noticing the gentle slope of the ground. You are on top of a small hill, and you can see a large house a short distance from the bottom of the hill. It is white, with light-blue shutters, and a light-blue door. You can see lights on in the windows as you walk toward it. As you get closer, you see a small, black rectangle on the door. As you walk closer, you can see that the rectangle is a sign. When you stand in front of the door, you read the sign’s silver letters: “This is the House of Your Mind. You are Welcome!”

The door has a silver knob on it, and you reach out, turn it, and open the door. You are standing in a small foyer. There are white tiles on the floor. The walls are white. There is an archway in front of you, and you can see a beautiful dining room beyond it, with a long wooden table and many chairs. You look to your left and see a hallway. You look to your right and see another hallway. You go to the right. You feel cool, white tile under your feet, and the walls are bright white. It is a long hallway, and you pass many doors along the way, but you keep going because you want to go into the room at the end of the hall, the very end of the hall.

When you get there, the door is open. The room is empty except for a small table. You walk closer to the table, and you see that there is an object on it. You move closer and pick it up with both hands. What is it? Look at it very closely. You will take it with you.

You turn toward the door and notice a light switch next to the door. You turn the lights off. You walk out of the room and close the door behind you. You walk back down the long hallway with the white walls, and at the end of the hall you see a light switch. You turn off the lights at the end of the hall, and you walk to the foyer. You turn toward the door, and you see a light switch there. Again, you turn off the lights. You open the door and step outside.

It is dark outside, and you can see the Moon and stars. You look at the Moon. It’s very round, it’s full, and it’s very bright. Your eyes are filled with the bright light. Your eyes are filled with light. Your eyes are open! Welcome back!

What was the object you saw on the table? Remember it as completely as you can. Don’t worry if you didn’t get a really strong picture. Just use your imagination, and think of the first thing that popped into your mind when you were looking at the object in the room. Go back and do this as often as you like, changing it a little each time. You might want to go left next time and see what’s down there.

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