The Herbs of the Sabbats

To be used as decorations on the altar, round the circle, in the home.

Samhain: Chrysanthemum, wormwood, apples, pears, hazel, thistle, pomegranates, all grains, harvested fruits and nuts, the pumpkin, corn

Yule: Holly, mistletoe, ivy, cedar, bay, juniper, rosemary, pine Place offerings of apples, oranges, nutmegs, lemons and whole cinnamon sticks on the Yule tree

Imbolc: Snowdrop, rowan, the first flowers of the year

Ostara: Daffodil, woodruff, violet, gorse, olive, peony, iris, narcissus, all spring flowers

Beltane: Hawthorn, honeysuckle, St John's wort, woodruff, all flowers

Midsummer: Mugwort, vervain, chamomile, rose, lily, oak, lavender, ivy, yarrow, fern, elder, wild thyme, daisy, carnation

Lughnasadh: All grains, grapes, heather, blackberries, sloe, crab-apples, pears

Mabon: Hazel, corn, aspen, acorns, oak sprigs, autumn leaves, wheat stalks, cypress cones, pine cones, harvest gleanings

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