The Healing Properties of Gemstones

Although, quite obviously, no guarantee of any permanent cure or even improvement can ever be given, there have been many occasions when the stones referred to in this text file have considerably helped to bring about a positive improvement in many different diseases and health conditions.

As the former director of The Crystal Research Foundation and currently as the Director of CRYSTAL 2000, over the years I have been personally responsible for sending out hundreds of gemstones — the vast majority in the form of gemstone pendants — to many people throughout the World. From some of the letters which I have received in reply I do know that many of these gemstones have had a positive effect upon the recipients!

From my own personal experience — and in talking with hundreds of people who have successfully received healing from their gemstones — I have found that the most effective way to use any gemstone for healing purposes is to wear it as close to the skin as possible.

Some ladies seem to 'hide' their gemstones within the deep inner recesses of their bras but the vast majority of people prefer to wear their chosen gemstone around their neck on a silver or gold plated chain.

In addition to the healing energies of the gemstone being able to penetrate the subtle body more easily, the gemstone pendant is a beautiful piece of jewelry — and is always aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Remember — a stone of beauty is a joy forever!

Gemstones may, if so desired, be held in the hand whilst you are watching television during the evening, or whilst you are reading a favorite book or magazine.

You may also place your gemstone under your pillow at night whilst you are asleep; thus allowing the energies of the stone to gently penetrate your subtle body throughout the course of the night.

The healing — and therapeutic — power of crystals and gemstones has even reached boardroom level!

In recent natural health exhibitions, for example, I have sold some fairly large amethyst clusters to Managing Directors, Sales Directors etc. who have acquired these big clusters to place on their office desks — or within their boardroom!

Amethyst or quartz crystal clusters are now the 'in' executive toy.

Certain stones can help you to develop your spiritual abilities and gifts. Use an amethyst for developing your intuitive awareness; a lapis lazuli for acquiring wisdom and truth; a moonstone for obtaining humanitarian love and sensitivity.

Use your gemstones wisely in the pursuit of all your ambitions and needs.

Be aware, however, that your gemstones can never become miracle workers. They need your loving care and attention, your mental attunement with their unique properties and energies, before they are able to truly help you!

In my first book, The Healing Crystal (Cassells, 8.95), I included 72 gemstones under the heading 'The Healing Properties of Gemstones'

Since writing my previous book, however, my personal research and experience has expanded my own knowledge and understanding and therefore I have now added a considerable number of 'additional' stones to this list.


A stone for strengthening the muscular tissue, especially around the heart. Very good in the treatment of spinal degeneration diseases.


Semi-precious stone, the Agate is said to improve natural vitality and energy and to increase the self-confidence of the person using it. It is believed to be of special benefit to athletes and to those taking any kind of examination or test — or anyone else who has to call upon instant bursts of energy whether mental or physical. Balances the emotions and calms the body, mind and feelings.

General healing, reduces fever, hardens tender gums, gives courage and banishes fear, also assists the wearer to express thoughts into spoken words. Helps to develop powers of eloquence.

Stone of health and good fortune.


A stone which strengthens the lungs, spleen and thymus.


Helps the nervous system, spleen, pancreas and testicles. May be used to amplify color therapy.


Generally used to help soothe the nervous system and to give some relief to those who are suffering from emotional disturbances.

Also helps with one's metabolism and growth. Useful when trying to express oneself more clearly.

Regulates and improves thinking abilities.


Although it may look like one, Amber is not really a stone but the yellow-brown fossilized resin of trees.

It is claimed that Amber is used to best effect by those who suffer from throat infections, those who have bronchial disorders or those who are prone to asthma or convulsions, also rheumatism, intestinal disorders, earache, bladder trouble, nerves or bone-marrow deficiencies.

Calming, can absorb negative energy and helps the body to heal itself.

Used for making and breaking spells.

Helps with depression and suicidal tendencies.


A purple-colored quartz used as a semi-precious stone; the Amethyst is known as a spiritual stone and is used for general healing and for meditation.

It is said that sleeping with a piece of amethyst beneath one's pillow promotes intuitive dreams and inspired thought.

Many healers also consider it useful in the relief of insomnia and to bring serenity in times of grief.

The Amethyst clears, purifies and helps with any addictions or stress or tension.

Also protects against blood disease, toxic effects of substance use, acne, neuralgia and fits.

Soothes and calms the mind, raises the spirit, rebalances and increases intuitive awareness, protects from negative vibrations.

It is a very good idea to have an Amethyst cluster in your room because of the cleansing and energizing properties associated with it.

Traditionally believed to protect from drunkenness.


This stone strengthens the kidneys and ovaries.

Apache Tear

Used in 'grounding' one's energies. Also helps soul reflection.


Strengthens muscle tissue, aids in coordinating basic motor responses.

Assists people suffering from stuttering and used in the treatment of hypertension.


Improves heart, lungs, throat, and thymus.

Good for people suffering from emotional traumas. Aids release of inner emotional tension from deep within the body.

Helps meditation.


Bluish-green transparent Beryl; the Aquamarine is supposed to be most useful when dealing with the problems of the eyes, liver, throat, stomach, nerves, and glands.

Relieves toothache, improves sight.

Preserves innocence. Quickens intellect, increases self-knowledge.

It is also reputed to promote clear and logical thinking and for that reason is often carried as a 'good luck' charm by those who are taking examinations or being interviewed for a job.

Brings inspiration and new ideas.


This stone strengthens the genitals, thyroid and the nervous system.

Used in the treatment of venereal diseases, including herpes.


Similar to Smithsonite.


Aventurine is said to be useful in relieving migraine and in soothing the eyes.

A traditional method of using this stone is to leave it in water overnight and to use the water the following day to bathe eyes.

Aventurine water — made in the same way can also be used for bathing irritations of the skin.

Aventurine is a soother and helps relax one for a better night's sleep!

It also relieves tension and shock. Improves vitality, equalizes blood pressure.

Encourages creativity, gives the wearer courage, independence, calmness and serenity.

Gives adventure and luck in love and sport.


A natural blue copper carbonate.

The Azurite is said to be an aid to psychic development and is a very powerful stone. Also aids meditation.

Relates to penetrating through your deepest fear in the subconscious.

It is used as a general healing stone. Relieves arthritis and joint disabilities. Reduces hip joint pain.


Helps heart problems, liver trouble, mouth, stomach and throat infections.

Improves intellect, strengthens will-power, guards against stupidity and mental disorders.


Deep-green precious stone flecked with red; it is believed that the Bloodstone will help to overcome depression and melancholia — especially if it is worn by the sufferer.

It is also said to help those who suffer from psychosomatic illness and pains which have an emotional rather than a physical cause.

Bloodstone is also a purifier of the blood and a general detoxification of organs, particularly the liver, kidneys and spleen.

It helps to allow light into the body. Provides vitality, strengthens idealism and the will to do good — especially for charity.

Increases one's talent, stimulates the kundalini and balances all of the chakras.

Blue-Lace Agate

Blue-lace agate is a very calming stone. It is helpful for freely expressing oneself and how one feels and thinks.

Provides cool and soothing energy which is good for neutralizing red energies such as anger, infections, inflammations, fevers etc.

Helps to open the throat chakra.

Blue Quartz

Helps improve heart, lungs, throat and thymus.

Good for people suffering from emotional traumas.

Aids the release of inner emotional tension from deep within the body.

Boji Stone

Has general healing qualities and assists tissue regeneration.

Strengthens all the chakras and meridians.

Calcite (gold)

Carries the golden healing ray. Gives comfort, helps cheer depression. Good for most of what ails you!

Calcite (green)

Helps kidneys, spleen and the pancreas. Removes toxins from the body and alleviates mental fear. Aids mental clarity, soothes anxiety, calms turbulent energies.

Expands awareness, aids intuition, links parallel realities.

Good when undertaking mental change.

Calcite (orange)

Helps gall bladder, improves physical energy, also expands awareness etc as above.

Calcite (optical)

Improves eyesight. Brings spiritual understanding into challenging circumstances and situations. Helps when doing regression.


Semi-precious stone, a reddish variety of chalcedony.

This stone is useful for understanding one's rhythms and cycles and it is said that if it is worn in a pouch around the neck by a women during menstrual periods — it will help to ease the stomach cramps felt at that time.

Strengthens voice; helps rheumatism and arthritis, depression, neuralgia; aids the sense of touch.

Used for infertility and impotence. Alleviates blood poisoning, fever, infection and nose bleeds.

Helps in the treatment of sores, spasms and wounds.

Protects from evil, elevates the spirits, grounds energies thus assisting concentration and mental focus by clearing the mind and focusing one's thoughts.

Helps daydreamers and those who are absent-minded.


Helps to ease tension, opens the mind and develops awareness.

Cools the overactive mind, helps relaxes muscles.

Elevates consciousness. Promotes peaceful co-existence and harmonious interaction with other aspects of creation.


Improves bone-marrow, spleen, red corpuscles and heart tissue.

Stimulates optimism and enhances one's spiritual and artistic creativity.

Chalcopyrite (peacock)

Helps cheer those with constant worries. Also improves prosperity consciousness.


Dissolves fear including fear of fear itself!

Will help the fear rise to the surface so that it may be faced — and dealt with.


Relieves nervous tension, emotional congestion, ulcer or stomach problems.

Brings balance, cleanses all negativity, brings inner peace and contentment.


Strengthens the appendix.

Alleviates general toxemia and viral conditions.


Improves prostate gland, testicles, fallopian tubes and ovaries.

Increases fertility.


Yellow variety of quartz.

It is claimed that the citrine is able to help those who feel that they have misplaced their path in life and to give them a new sense of direction and rebuild the structure of their earthly existence.

It helps to control the emotions and works with relationships and self-knowledge.

It attracts self-worth, dissolves emotional blocks and induces dreams.

It is also said to be beneficial to those people suffering from poor circulation and to strengthen the immune system, tissue regeneration, eases toxic conditions particularly in the endocrine and digestive systems. Helps with diabetes and depression.

Activates mental powers and clarifies thought. Improves self-image bringing confidence into relationships and environment, improving the quality of one's life, sometimes bringing prosperity.

Reduces harmful effect of electrical products.


Cheering stone, helpful with symbolic re-birth, helps strengthen new resolutions.


Hard substance formed of skeletons of various marine polyps.

Coral is said to promote general physical and mental well-being and to be of particular assistance to those suffering from anemia, bladder conditions, colic and whooping cough.

In many parts of the world it is believed that coral can be used to ward off evil thoughts sent by ill-wishers.


Used to help people who become over-preoccupied with their own personal limitations.


Master healer. An extremely powerful stone in the removing of blockages and all emotional negativity.


An emerald green silicate of copper.

General healer. Relieves mental stress, promotes abundance, relaxation, love and emotional expressiveness.

Heals the parts emotionally abandoned whilst experiencing heartache. Good for those that, through loss, fear to love again, helps heal the heart and helps one to be able to trust again.


Used to help people who lack resourcefulness and who have an acute fear of personal failure.


Bright green precious stone. Improves intellect and memory.

Helps tired eyes and insomnia. Improves eloquence.

Gives power to see into the future and grants success in business. Acts as emotional stabilizer.

It is said to help release emotionally based trauma and to govern the awareness of emotions by others.

It opens up the heart to love, peace and healing.


Fluorspar — a natural calcium fluoride. Fluorite helps bring the spiritual into the material and quickens enlightenment.

Helps heal holes in one's auras where energy is drained.

Grounds, balances and focuses one's energies. Absorbs and alters negative and other energies.

Opens the chakras. Aids physical and mental healing. Strengthens bone tissue, especially teeth enamel. Relieves dental disease, pneumonia, viral inflammation.


Strengthens lungs, thyroid, and the nervous system.

Protects against depression and skin diseases.

Promotes self-confidence, pride and success. Improves imagination.


A dark red gem.

The garnet is most often used as a general tonic for the whole system — physical, mental and emotional.

It is regenerative and revitalizing, strengthening the blood and helping with anemia and circulatory problems.

Protects against infection, depression and skin diseases. It brings into consciousness the physical powers and is particularly recommended for those who need to improve their self-respect and self-confidence, pride and success and to increase their courage when dealing with changes.

Improves imagination. Assists in dreamwork and in past life recall.

Increases determination, energy and courage. Attracts love, promotes bonding.

Gem Silica — Chrysoprase

Apple green variety of chalcedony.

It reveals will-power and is useful for dealing with depression and loss of incentive.

Feminine stone, ideal for menstrual pain and pre-menstrual tension. Helps after miscarriages, abortions, hysterectomies.

Helps with birthing if held, worn or meditated upon during labor. Cools fevers, heals burns, calms nerves, helps thyroid imbalance, voice problems, neck/shoulder strain.

Develops patience, kindness, tolerance, compassion, humility.

Gives peace and serenity; emotional balance, eases sorrow and anger.

Good for men who don't allow themselves to express their feelings or emotions.

Excellent stone for meditation and can assist the development of clairvoyance.


Used in the treatment of people who fear emotional hostility from everyone surrounding them.


Natural ferric oxide.

Improves all blood disorders, helps coagulation.

Reduces stressful effects of air travel, combats insomnia.

Enhances astral projection, promotes balance, focus, convergence and concentration of energy.

The hematite is a stone which it is said will help to increase courage and it is also claimed that it will strengthen the heart and is good for reducing a rapid pulse.


This stone stimulates the pancreas and spleen. Helps to restore the balance in erratic emotional behavior.

Herkimer Diamond

Releases stress and tension throughout the body, boosts the power of other crystals by being used to close the circuit, particularly effective with Boji stones.

Howlite (magnetite)

Stimulates endocrine system. Improves blood circulation. Helps in Meditation.

Iron Pyrites

A natural sulfide or iron.

Aids digestive system of abdomen and upper intestinal tract.

Eases anxiety, depression, frustration and false hopes.

Strengthens astral body. Opens mind to new ideas, intellectually stimulating, links left and right hemispheres of brain facilitating communication between logic and emotion.

Promotes analysis, creativity, psychic development, memory, channeling activities, strength of will.

Pyrite is claimed to increase the oxygen supply in the blood, to strengthen the circulatory system in general and to be useful in clearing congested air passages.


Protects one's physical body from injury.


Promotes spiritual sight and understanding.

Used in childbirth. Helps in the treatment of insomnia.


A pale green gemstone.

Jade is said to be of help in relieving kidney complaints, bladder trouble and eye problems.

Yellow jade is believed to aid a poor digestion. When worn as a piece of jewelry, jade is thought to provide protection from one's enemies and can be used to protect one on long journeys.

Also to attract good luck, for wisdom, for long life and a peaceful death.

Helps to control dream content or focus.

In ancient China and ancient Egypt it was widely used as a talisman to attract good fortune, friendship and loyalty.


Colored impure form of natural silica.

Jasper is said to be both invigorating and stabilizing, bringing stillness to a troubled mind.

It generates an even rhythmic pulse. It is also said to improve the sense of smell and to overcome depression.

Red jasper is known to contain iron oxide which is used medically to control excessive bleeding and for this reason, it is claimed it can be useful in overcoming disorders of the blood.

Also for digestion and stomach problems, biliousness and bladder trouble.

Protects from witchcraft, soothes the nerves.


A very hard lustrous form of natural carbon. Prevents deep depression, quiets fears.

Protects from violence and illness. Aids grieving.

It is also used in healing to control and ease migraine and pain behind the eyes.


Alleviates anemia, improves general tissue rejuvenation.

Creates balance between heart and mind, clears emotional blockages.

In meditation can balance negative emotional and troubled mental states.


Used in meridian points to stimulate flow of energy, or on chakra centers to clear blockages.

Recalls past lives when placed on third eye.

Augments channeling, altered states, vivid dreams, clear visualization, loyalty, honor and serenity.

Kyanite blades can make incisions in the auric field. Also cut through layers of mental misconceptions and create new lines of energy for new thought.

Lapis Lazuli

A brilliant blue mineral.

The lapis lazuli was called by the ancient Egyptians 'The Stone of Heaven' and it is thought by many to be the stone upon which were carved the laws given to Moses.

It is said that it has the power to prevent fits and epilepsy and to improve the eyesight.

Helps heart and spleen, protects against strokes, helps depression.

Helps acquire wisdom and truth.

It is also a symbol of power and a mental and spiritual cleanser.

Assists one's psychic development and mental stability. Gives hope and self awareness and helps one to face one's shadow-self. It is the stone of friendship.

Helps cut through superficialities to find inner truth. Aura cleanser.


Soothes sore throats and tonsillitis. Helps express new ideas.

Brings harmony between heart and mind. Good for schizophrenics. Transmutes anger, greed, frustration to peace; calms excess energies by rebalancing.


Improves pineal glands and the liver.


Stimulates visions. Can amplify thought- form. Also used for tissue rejuvenation.


Unifies mind and heart, heals whatever inhibits this mergence.

Used in the treatment of schizophrenia.

Lepidolite with Rubellite

Good for introverted shy people who are unable to express love in external ways.

Luvulite (sugilite)

Restores balance to pineal, pituitary and left and right brain hemispheres.

Improves autism, dyslexia, epilepsy, physical coordination problems, visual problems, spiritual problems.


Stimulates endocrine system. Improves blood circulation. Helps in meditation.


A green copper carbonate.

Malachite contains copper and it is claimed that it is helpful in the treatment of rheumatism and also in regularizing menstruation.

Used in the treatment of asthma, toothache. Improves eyesight.

Raises one's spirits and increases hope, health and happiness. It attracts physical and material benefits and brings prosperity.

It assists wise rule and helps remove mental blockages hindering spiritual growth.

It relieves any congestion in the body and helps with confusion and lack or purpose and insecurity.


Gentle physical strengthener. Makes one feel more able to cope with any problems and difficulties.


Helps communication, grounds and insulates.


Small glassy (translucent) greeny stone believed to be associated with meteorites.

Eases epilepsy, brain imbalances and malfunctions and autism, particularly if brought on by excessive sensitivity.

Assists conscious communication with star-seed sources and is a healing balm for the deep longing — and heartfelt yearning — of many people to "go home".

Moldavite also helps one to understand one's true purpose in life.

A stone for transformation.


Moonstone is an opalescent feldspar. It is claimed to promote long life and happiness and is said to attract friendship and loyalty towards the wearer.

It acts as a mediator between mind and emotions and allows peace of mind and accessibility to one's inner self.

Helps soothe and balance emotion.

In healing terms, it is often used to reduce excess fluid in the body and to reduce the swelling caused by this fluid.

Used in women suffering from pre-menstrual tension.

Gives inspiration, encourages personal attachments. Helps obtain humanitarian love, romance and sensitivity.


This stone strengthens the larynx, lungs, thyroid and nervous system.

Morion Crystal

A smoky quartz crystal, so dark as to be black instead of the more usual brown. Very good for grounding.


Moss agate is said to cleanse the emotional body and release anger and frustration.

Obsidian Snowflake

A grounding stone — makes the user face up to responsibility.

Dedicated to change, metamorphosis, purification, fulfillment, inner growth and introspection.

Deflects negative energy.


A variety of agate.

The onyx is reputed to improve concentration and devotion. Perhaps it is for this reason that it is frequently to be found in rosaries.

Helps hearing problems, heart trouble and ulcers.


Helps lung conditions, increases assimilation of protein. Assists the control of one's temper and calms the nerves.

Aids the development of one's psychic ability. Sometimes considered an unlucky stone, perhaps because it causes one's thoughts — good or bad — to rebound upon oneself!

Above all, it is a stone of love, but if the lover be false its influence is reversed, and the opal proves a sorry stone for faithless lovers.


Promotes antibodies and fights infection.


Peridot, as well as being recommended as a cure for insomnia, is said to aid the digestion and placate the nervous system.

Improves bruised eyes.

Can cleanse and heal hurt feelings, helps mend damaged relationships.

Attracts occult powers to the user. Develops inner vision; the stone of the seer.

Counteracts negativity and opens the mind. It acts like a tonic and heals the physical body and can be useful in reducing fever.

Also used in treating emotional states such as anger or jealousy.

Petrified Wood

Restores physical energy. Helps hip and back problems. Aids past-life recall.

Quartz Crystal

A natural crystalline silica. So many uses and properties that it needs a whole book to itself!

The Quartz Crystal attracts the powers of light and energy and is said to be an excellent powerful general healer and dynamic working tool which works on all levels — strengthening, cleansing and protecting.

Purifies air.

Protects against harmful electrical vibrations.

Assists the wearer to think intuitively. Amplifies and transmits subtle vibrations.

The symbol of elemental wholeness, containing the four elements of creation. Assists development and integration of our entire being.

Assists us to amplify, focus, direct, transmit and store energy.

Its greatest attribute is known to be its use as an aid to opening the psychic centers, enabling the ability to meditate at a deeper level and to free one's mind from the mundane and the trivia.

It releases the higher consciousness and develops mystical and spiritual gifts.


Prevents mental breakdowns, balances physical and emotional traumas. Improves eyesight, kidney, pancreas and spleen. Inspires forgiveness, heals emotional scars, attracts love.

Helps one face reality and new situations. Assists integration of physical, mental and emotional fields.


Restores physical energy (especially following trauma or shock).

Strengthens inner ear and improves sense of hearing. Aids vitamin absorption.

Increases language skills, raises self-esteem. Helps maintain loving state in every-day life by bolstering one's resolve not to give in without one having to be aggressive or non-loving.


Rejuvenates physical beauty. Helps increase self-expression and to speak with greater clarity.

Rock Crystal

Relieves diarrhea, dizziness, hemorrhage, kidney troubles, spasms, vertigo. Helps ease pain anywhere.

Rose Quartz

This lovely stone is claimed to be one of the best stones to use in the treatment of migraines and headaches of all types.

Calms emotions, helps suffering due to emotional trauma, heals wounds of neglect giving inner peace.

It is also said to stimulate the imagination and the intellect and to open up the heart to inner peace, self love and self recognition.

It is a very healing stone for internal wounds, bitterness and sorrows.

It promotes forgiveness, love and friendship. It makes one more receptive to beauty, hastens recovery and gladdens the heart. The Venus — or love — stone.


A deep red transparent gemstone, a form of corundum.

As well as aiding intuitive thinking, the ruby is believed to increase levels of energy and divine creativity.

It is often used to alleviate disorders of the blood, such as anemia, poor circulation and menstrual problems.

Also used in the treatment of rheumatism and arthritis.

Improves fever, pain and spasms.

Alleviates worries, lifts spirits, improves one's confidence, intuition, spiritual wisdom, energy and courage.

Encourages self-nurturing in those with a poor self-image.

Rutilated Quartz

Rutilated quartz is said to be of particular benefit to those who suffer from respiratory complaints of any form such as asthma, bronchitis etc.

Increases tissue regeneration.

Rebalances different levels of consciousness.

Improves decisiveness, strength of will.


Helps bleeding, insomnia and nervousness.

Stone of friendship and love, attracts good influences.

Gives the wearer devotion, faith, imagination and peace of mind.


Stimulates self-control and protection.


Selenite calms and clears troubled minds and is useful in personal meditation and visualization.

Stabilizes one's emotions, bringing them under calm control.

Natural environmental record keeper. Helps to clarify one's innermost thoughts and to expand one's mental powers.

One of the most powerful healing stones!

Used in past-life recall and in regression therapy. Can be used in any healing treatment but should only be used by a qualified crystal healing therapist who is able to handle and direct the powerful energies properly.


Calms and clears, good to use in high anxiety situations.

Helps after nervous breakdowns, relaxes over tense muscles, also good in childbirth. Neutralizes red energies.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz disperses negative patterns and vibrations, and transmits a high quantity of light.

Good luck talisman. Helps protect soldiers on active service.

Improves abdomen, kidneys, pancreas and the sexual organs. Increases energy fertility. Encourages survival instincts. Stimulates and purifies energy centers.

Grounds and stabilizes energies, helps lift depression. Draws out and absorbs negative energies, replacing them with positive ones.

Snow Quartz

Strengthens immune system. A softer energy than clear quartz.

Used in meditation.

A stone which gives one serenity and powers of inner contemplation. A peaceful stone!


Sodalite is a good stone for oversensitive and defensive people, improves courage and endurance.

It balances and stills the mind and clears rigid thought patterns.

Helps logical and rational thought, and intellect, widens the perspective.

Blue sodalite is reputed to assist in lowering of blood pressure and balancing the metabolism. Aids sleep.


Attracts help. Makes the wearer strong in character.


Used to help people who suffer from over caution or doubt.


To help those people who are resisting a condition or relationship which they regard as discouraging.

Tigers Eye

It is claimed that tigers eye will counteract feelings of hypochondria and the onset of psychosomatic illness and will also give a feeling of self-confidence.

It is especially good for clear thinking and helps one to see a problem objectively when confused or emotionally affected. It releases tension and develops will-power.

Good for asthma.

Helps people gain insight into their own faults.

Protects from witchcraft and evil.

Attracts good luck.

Topaz (yellow)

A yellowish transparent mineral.

Topaz helps to overcome stress and soothes nerves thereby helping one to achieve a deeper sleep.

It is also good for colds and flu. Strengthens blood vessels, improves blood circulation, varicose veins, sense of taste.

Good for liver trouble.

Improves the intellect, develops psychic abilities, calms both mind and body.

Topaz (blue)

Throat disorders, calming. Inspires leadership ability, psychic insight, spiritual and artistic growth.

Helps with clarity and concentration.

Tourmaline (general)

Prevents lymphatic disease. Balances, protects, calms, gives self-confidence and cheerfulness.

Useful for meditation.

Attracts inspiration, goodwill and friendship. Protects wearer against misfortune and anemia. Grounds high-frequency energies into the physicality.

Tourmaline (black or green)

Strengthens nervous system, regulates blood pressure.

Deflects negative energy, attracts prosperity.

Tourmaline (blue)

All throat problems, thyroid, speech impediments.

Promotes clear verbal expression, dissolves mental friction, emotional constriction.

Carries a high electrical charge and if rubbed briskly one end becomes positive and one negative, the energy can then be directed wherever peaceful energy is required.

Tourmaline (watermelon/pink)

Heart balancer. Promotes understanding of self and emotions.


A bluish green precious stone. Turquoise helps the ability to express oneself and verbalize freely. It is good for laryngitis and nervousness in speech.

It is said that turquoise will grow pale on a sickly person and recover its color when returned to a healthy person.

Can strengthen entire anatomy and helps improve all diseases.

Shields the wearer from harmful influences, attracts friendship.

Used in meditation. Also for the development of intuition. Brings one wisdom. It reminds us of both our spiritual nature, our earthly inheritance and its beauty.


Helps balance and gives one stability.

A grounding stone.


Helps with throat problems and communication.


Symbol of rebirth, burns away old ways of looking at things and gives you a new perspective on life.

Helps clear vision at all levels.


General healer. Helps liver complaints, childbirth, insomnia.

Promotes spiritual sight and understanding.


Strengthens the male genitals and the female cervix. Helps to increase fertility.

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