The Goddess Known by Many Names
Goddess Name Triple Aspect Geographical Origin Symbols and Titles
Aphrodite Mother Greece Goddess of Love and Beauty, Most Beautiful, born from the Sea
Ariadne Mother Crete Silver Thread, the Deep Sea, Guide of Souls through the Labyrinth
Artemis Maiden Greece Moon Goddess, Virgin Goddess of the Hunt
Astarte Mother Greece The Star, Goddess of Fertility and Love
Athena Maiden Greece The White Owl, the Shield. Born from Her father’s head
Bast Maiden Egypt Feline Goddess, Goddess of Beauty and Dance
Brigid Mother Ireland Goddess of the Forge, Smithcraft, Healing, and Poetry
Cerridwen Crone Wales The Cauldron, Goddess of Mysteries, Creation, and Inspiration
Demeter Mother Greece Grain, the Fruitful Earth, Mother to Persephone
Diana Maiden Rome The Moon, Bow and Arrow, Mother of Aradia
Hathor Maiden Egypt Crescent Moon, Cow Goddess
Hecate Crone Greece The Cave, the cauldron, Wise Woman, Crone of Wisdom
Inanna Mother Sumer Queen of Heaven, Goddess of Descent and Resurrection
Ishtar Mother Babylon River of Life, Lady of Victory, King Maker
Isis Mother Egypt Solar Disc, Crescent Moon, Throne, Mother of All Beings
Kali Crone India Destroyer of Illusions, Wearer of Skulls, Dances Upon the Burning Ground
Kwan Yin Mother China Lotus, Goddess of Peace, Love, Compassion, and Mercy
Rhiannon Maiden Celtic Goddess of Death and Rebirth, the Great Queen, Horse Goddess, with three birds She releases the living from life and resurrects the dead
Sekhmet Mother Egypt Lionheaded Goddess of Strength, Warrior Goddess
Tara Mother India, Tibet Mother of All Activities, Goddess of Twenty-One Aspects
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