The Four Directions Energy Layout

You need four large quartz crystals.

This layout is used for meditations and for 'charging' objects.

First, locate the true directions of the North, South, East and West (using a compass if necessary).

Place one crystal representing north, one crystal representing south, one crystal representing east and one crystal representing the west. The single-terminated ends of each quartz crystal should be pointing towards the center.

Sit in the center of the four quartz crystals. Relax and feel all your stress and tension evaporating away from your body.

Sit in this crystal energy layout for between 15-20 minutes. If you feel it appropriate you might like to hold a crystal cluster in your hands.

Sit in the direction you feel guided to face. Many people like to sit facing the East.

If you decide to lie down in this energy pattern, you should have your head facing North. Your feet should face South. This flows with the polarities of the earth.

You can 'charge' crystals, water or other objects within this energy pattern. If you place objects for charging inside a pyramid which is itself within the four direction layout the whole process will be greatly amplified.

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