The Feather and the Witch

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, there was a witch with a feather. Not just any feather, this was a magickal feather. It had color-coded feelings, like when it's mad, it turns reddish black, and when it's sad, it turns white, and when it's happy, it turns all of the colors of the rainbow.

The witch used this feather to get whatever she wanted, and this is how she did it: She would tickle the other witches and warlocks till they gave up, and gave in, to whatever she wanted from them.

Now one day, the witch had an idea. She told the feather that she was going to make a real, live human being, but she needed some things from the other witches before she could make him. Now, these are the items she already had: name guts (for the name), weed seed (for the hair) and that's all.

The Witch realized that these two items just wouldn't do — she needed more things. So she told the feather that there was a job to be done, and that she needed him to come along with her, just in case the witches and warlocks wouldn't cooperate easily.

The feather agreed to go along with her plan, and the witch, satisfied that he would help her, tucked him under her hat. (What the witch didn't notice about the feather is this: his color had changed to a reddish-black.) The little feather was usually very happy and excited to tickle-torture people, but he wasn't at all happy or excited this time — he was mad.

At this point, I find it necessary to go back about a hundred years, to tell you how the feather and the witch came to be together in the first place.

A long time ago, the feather was banished and abandoned by an evil genie. The genie was so mean, that when the feather couldn't do any of the things the evil genie asked him to do, the genie got really mad, mean, and treated the little feather very mean, hard and cruel. The genie would make the little feather do all kinds of hard labor, from sun up til sun down, and then, just when the little feather was too tired to work anymore, the evil genie made him work some more, even harder than before. Finally, when the feather was too weak to do anything more, the evil genie got upset and banished him forever. To the luck of the feather, the evil genie never looked for him and never bothered him again.

Now, one day, shortly after the little feather had realized that he was free forever, and while he was floating on a cool breeze that swirled and flipped him gently too and fro in the wind, the witch just happened to spot the beautiful little feather. She immediately thought: "This is one of the loveliest things I have ever seen — it's all of the colors of the rainbow [that's what color the feather turns when he's happy]. He was such a beautiful feather that the Witch just had to have him for her very own. She flew on her broomstick, chasing the beautiful feather, trying to catch him without harming his beauty. Surely, she thought, this feather must be magickal. I've never seen any feather like it before. By and by, the witch chased the little feather, to and fro as he rode the cool breeze. At last she saw the opportunity to swoop down and capture it. Quickly, and taking a last deep breath, she flew down, gently swooped it up (overjoyed at having captured such a prize that would be envied by all of the other witches and warlocks), and she carried him home with her to show it off to the other witches and warlocks.

As a master, the witch was ever so much nicer than the evil genie, so the feather had grown to love her. She cared for him gently and delicately, letting him ride the cool breeze on every beautiful day. He loved her so much, and she loved him too (because of all of the possessions he could get for her), that he never forgot the day they met. They had celebrated their anniversary together every year to the date that they had found one another. Today was the anniversary of that day, December 7, 1893. Instead of the witch remembering their anniversary and getting ready for their celebration, she was off on a quest to make herself a human.

That's why the feather was reddish-black — he was mad because his feelings were hurt when the witch forgot their anniversary.

He sulked under the witches hat that day, all the way to the witches and warlocks castles. But, because he loved his witch, he tortured all the witches and warlocks she wanted him to torture. All the way home, the little feather sulked, reddish-black, under that hat. Finally, they came home. Still, neither of them mentioned the anniversary. The little feather wanted to cry. It was a beautiful day outside, with a wonderfully cool breeze he could ride on for hours, but somehow, even that didn't cheer him up.

By now, the witch had noticed his reddish-black color, but she didn't say a word to the little feather about it. She told him he should rest now, and that she had other work to do without him. How sad the little feather was when she picked him up and put him on his silky bed.

Now, the witch had made a flying car that she used when she wanted to get someplace faster than her broom would carry her. She went to her magickal flying car and went for a long ride. The feather was sad because, the witch didn't even ask him if he wanted to go for a ride, she had just dropped the poor little feather off at their house, and went for a ride in her magickal, flying car.

While the witch was away, the feather sat for a long while, thinking and sulking until he fell fast asleep.

It was hours later when the witch came back. She knew that the little feather would be sleeping because she had sprayed a deep, sleeping powder into the air before she left in her magickal car. This particular deep, sleeping powder just happens to only affect magick objects. And the witch knew that it would wear off the little feather in 4 to 5 hours, and that gave her plenty of time to get set up for what she was making. Actually, since she had gone over the spells and ingredients in her mind over and over until she knew them all by heart, she was ready in a snap — literally.

Now she used a spell to wake the little feather. It took him a minute to recover from the light-blindness from the glowing candles before him, but once he recovered — boy was he ever surprised! The witch had made a beautiful surprise party, just for the two of them, and a special guest. After they had finished dinner, the witch gave the feather a gift. His color had already changed from that awful reddish-black, and now he was that beautiful rainbow color again. The feather already had his gift for the witch hidden. When the witch gave him his, he went and got her gift from its hiding place and gave it to her. The witch opened hers first. Why, it was a new magick broom. Next, the feather opened his gift, and to his surprise, it was a little castle, made of pure, smooth marble.

The little feather looked inside the castle, and what do you suppose he found inside, just lying on the silky seat inside of one of the great rooms? Why, it was a beautiful lady feather in a beautiful wedding gown. Now the feathers feelings were rainbow colored as rainbows can get. The witch performed a wonderful wedding ceremony, and the two feathers (and their witch) lived happily ever after.

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