The Darker Side of the God/dess

The Yang side represents all the "bad" parts of nature, which aren't actually bad. We just view them that way. Without the rain there would be no flowers, and everything would turn into a desert. This is the side that balances everything. You must have death to have life, you must have rain to have sunshine. You must have sadness to be assured of happiness. I don't think that the Dark God and Dark Goddess get enough credit, so this is another reason I boldly decided to include this. There is a time in our lives when we need protection, and thus we call on a warrior, or dark aspect, of the God or Goddess. I haven't seen much on other people's pages about Them, and thusly, decided it would be nice to pay a tribute and a little respect to Them.

As far as the Dark God, and Dark Goddess are concerned, this is how many Wiccan's view them.

The Dark God is represented by the dying sun on Samhain. This is the time when he is nearing the end of his yearly life-cycle. This is the time in which he is known as the Lord of Mysteries. He is Cernnunos, Hephaestus, Odin, by a thousand names. The Dark God could also be pictured as a warrior protecting his forests and children. He is the protector, the warrior. In his death aspect, he can be viewed as the wraith holding the scythe. This is all a natural part of life, and should not be viewed with fear. Death is a natural part of life. Who is He? He is the dying Sun God who lifts the goblet of wine to his lips, he kisses his love one last time before the winds of time take him to a new place. His Lady holds him tenderly as he rises, and looks upon the setting sun. His lady stands with him, and as she blinks he is gone. She sees a white stag standing on the horizon. The stag looks to the sun, and then at Her. With a respectful nod of the head, he heads for the horizon with the setting sun.

The Dark Goddess is represented by the new moon. She is the Crone, she is both the cradle and the grave. She is a warrioress protector, and a wise woman healer. She is the grandmother. She is Scathatch Kali, Hecate, Lillith, by a thousand names. She can be viewed as a grandmotherly wise woman figure.

Who is She? She is the grandmotherly crone as she sits by her fireside. Dreaming of a time when warmth blanketed the Earth. As she sits and dreams, a baby begins to cry. She hears the winds of time blowing outside her window as wolves howl in the distance. She knows that the time is near. Time of rest and peace. She sees the moon rise, and welcomes it as she lays down and closes her eyes, dreaming of a warmer time to give hope that spring will come again.

What about working with these energies? Great care should be taken when working with these types of darker energies. Alcohol should be completely avoided. Above all, treat them with respect. Here are some occasions when you may need to call upon the Dark Goddess and Dark God:

  • For justice
  • For protection
  • For wisdom
  • To conquer fear
  • To help banish a bad habit/illness
  • To protect children (especially Kali is good for this)
  • To gain strength
  • For divinations
  • For general balancing purposes
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