The Craft of the Wise

Now the Lady made Her journey to the Plane of Mortal Existence, and on the way, She passed through many other realms: Those of spirits and phantasms, and those of the elements. She dwelt a time in each realm, gathering the essences of each one about Her, layer upon layer, to clothe Herself. These essences were necessary, for the Plane of Mortal Existence is made up of all of these elements, seen and unseen.

Too, She spent time with Light-of-the-Womb, experiencing Her quiet pain, her self-imposed penance. The Great Goddess reminded her Little Sister, Moon, that all things work together in Harmony, and that one day, Her great sacrifice would be repaid in Great Glory.

Then coming at last to her destination, the Goddess once again clothed herself in Human Flesh. She clothed Herself in all the pain and sorrow, and the joy that is the Fate of Humankind. Back She went — back to the sensations of the five senses. Back to the heavy physical vehicle that Human souls use to transport themselves about. Back to a coarse and humble life; one from which She could study her people more fully, and teach them that which they must know.

She chose not to go back into the body of a strong warrior, nor yet on of great physical feminine beauty — but rather as a plain, slender young woman. Her eyes were brown as the Earth in which She dug for roots; Her hair was as brown as the bark; Her skin weathered a bit by the elements. though She dressed as drably as any other mortal girl, there was still a spark, an intensity that could not be denied. this, the Goddess Herself, could not change, for otherwise, She would not be present.

The sparkle of Divinity that shone from Her eyes drew others to Her in a warm bond. they listened to Her teach the secrets of planting and growing things, the ways of animals and fish and fowl; the flying birds and insects; secrets of water, wind and dire.

Too, She instructed them in the Way. She taught them of the Spiral Dance of the Universe, that same spiral that is found in the very cells of their bodies. She instructed them in the Mysteries — those of Birth, and Death, and Rebirth; and in doing so, explained the Game of Karma.

When She taught them all they could learn, She told them that She must go once again to her Halls of Love and Light, but that they might call upon Her in times of need, and She would hear and answer. She told them that the phases of the Moon would show the Way.

Among them She left One whom She had taken as a Consort and Helper. He was a Forest Lord, Protector of the Wilds; He would as Her Regent upon the Earth while She was away.

The people wept bitterly, for they could not bear to be without their beloved Goddess. But the Lord comforted them, saying, "Does She not love you enough to come amongst you? To provide a Regent for your comfort — to promise you an Eternal Life in Her Love at the end of the Spiral Dance?"

And they built many temples and places of worship. Sacred were the many Springs where She had drunk. Sacred, too, were the many Groves where She had slept. And too, those places of power where She had wrought the Magicks of the Spiral Dance for the edification and delight of Her children.

Those She taught well became Her Priests and Priestesses — and they continue to instruct Her People in Her Ways.

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