The Circle

After a few moments of meditation, take up your wand, hold it upright, and recite the following:
Enter I, the Circle Old,
With heart of love and courage bold,
God and Goddess, hear my call,
Guardians of the Witches all.
Take my token; take my love,
Given Ye all else to prove.

As the mill around I tread,
Guide me in my way ahead.
Forge my spirit, keen and bright,
Leading me into the light.
Spells and symbols, thought and deed,

Prompted by the Wiccan Rede;
Green is the Goddess, Green is the God,
I praise Thee with this flaming rod.

Then circumambulate the Circle to this chant:
I O Evoe EE; And I Call to Thee
I O Evoe EE; Send Thy blessings down on me.

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