The Black Forest Himmelsbrief

The Himmelsbrief was a type of letter or testament carried on a person or hung in the home for protection against evil people and deeds. These magickal papers were also known as “Letters of Protection” or “Letters from Heaven”. The Pennsylvania Germans thought this paper to be as powerful as an invocation. In 1918, the Aurand Press out of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, received an order for printing copies of such a “Letter of Protection”. It was later learned that copies were distributed to members of the National Guard and to draftees departing from south-central Pennsylvania counties and heading for World War 1. The Himmelsbrief came in a variety of forms, from a self-penned version to stuff in one’s pocket to more elaborate documents complete with hand painted art and ornate borders. Some included Christian symbolism while others were more paganized versions with magickal designs.

Instructions for Activating the Black Forest Himmelsbrief

  1. Copy the Himmelsbrief and cut excess paper.
  2. Fill in the name of the person who is to be protected on the corresponding line on the Himmelsbrief.
  3. In a magick circle, cleans and consecrate paper with the four elements. Add any additional symbols of your choice on the paper. If you have the facilities, you can copy a picture of your loved one and scan it on the back of the paper.
  4. If you have not scanned the picture onto the paper, place the loved one’s picture on top of the paper.
  5. Carry the paper and the picture to the four quarters, beginning with the north, and ask each quarter energy for divine protection for the person named on the paper.
  6. Call down the Lord and Lady (or your idea of Spirit) and ask for blessings and protection for the individual listed on the paper.
  7. Repeat the prayer on the paper three times, beginning with the person’s full name each time.
  8. Hold your hands over the paper and picture, and allow protective energy from the divine to flow through your fingertips. Envision the paper and the picture filled with glaring white light. Hold this visualization as long as possible.
  9. Hold the paper and picture, and close your eyes. See the paper on your loved one. See the paper as a shield that grows and covers them. Hold this visualization as long as possible. Finish by saying: “I know you will do this for me. So mote it be.”
  10. Draw an equal-armed cross over the picture to seal the work.
  11. Thank divinity. Thank the quarters.
  12. Release divinity. Release the quarters. Release the circle.
  13. Give the paper to your loved one and tell him or her to keep it on them at all times.

Note: You can reduce the Himmelsbrief on a copy machine and laminate it. If you used a separate photo, place in a frame and put on your altar. Keep it there as long as your loved one is in danger. You can also burn a white candle every week to continue putting energy into the spell.

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