Tattwa Envelopes


  • An 18 inch long and 12 inch wide piece of white felt
  • 3 white Velcro circles
  • 1 small piece each of black, blue, red, and yellow felt
  • 1 small piece of silver material
  • Corresponding thread for sewing the colors

Fold the bottom of the felt up about six inches. Sew on the right and left sides to make the envelope ends. Attach the Velcro circles so the pocket will be securely closed when the flap is folded over. Cut the tattwa shapes in their corresponding colors from the table. Sew or glue them on the front flap of the bag. When you have finished, do a ritual of balance and consecrate the bag. Empower it so that it will neutralize all the negative energy of whatever it contains or is placed within.

If you receive something of a disturbing nature, such as a letter, photo, or jewelry that carries unbalanced or negative energy, place it within the packet for 24 hours to balance the energies of the situation. When you have taken care of the problem, air the envelope in strong sunlight for ten minutes. Small envelopes can also be made of black and white for balancing pictures and little items. These envelopes can also carry the tattwa symbolism either in unison or separately.

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