Talking to Your Friends

A nasty thing happens to teens when they talk to their friends about the Craft — they lose a lot of them. Here's where you separate the true friends from those who have no clue. This happens to adults too. Once you start moving to a higher level of consciousness, it is natural that those people who aren't on your wavelength will drift away. Some will go quietly and others will raise a big stink in the process. A few will try to "save your soul". Those are the real winners, but they mean well. They don't understand that you are embracing God, not walking away from God; and, more often than not, their jaws flap so fast that their ears close. Big people can be like that too, trust me. You may cultivate a new set of friends rather quickly, or you may be a loner for a while. That's a chance you're going to have to take if you speak out.

If you tell your friends you are a Witch just to be different, I feel sorry for you. You belong in the clueless line. Please go back to the religion from which you came because you don't understand what Wicca is all about.

If you use the name Witch to frighten your friends, beware! The Craft doesn't stand for fear or terrorizing others, and the law of return will boot you right in the backpack. A girl at my daughter's school actually tried to frighten someone she didn't like by telling the girl she cast a spell to make all of her hair fall out. How absurd. What this little vixen didn't count on, in her vapid mind, was that my daughter was my daughter. First, Angie did damage control by assuring the terrorized child that such a thing would never happen to her, and then they launched a laughter campaign. Immature, granted, but it worked. Every time the girl opened her mouth to threaten her victim, the girls around her would begin to hum the Witch's song from The Wizard of Oz, laced with peals of laughter. She finally got the point and shut up.

Okay, back to talking with your friends. Be careful. Don't share if you don't have to. You open yourself wide up for a compendium of human-imposed stupidity that just isn't necessary at your age. If you find a few kids who think the way you do and aren't into frightening people, and are looking for positive change in their lives, that's great. Consider yourself lucky. Other than that, remember the Witches' Pyramid: To Know, To Dare, To Will, and To Be Silent.

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