Table of Offerings
Spiritual Entity Food Drink Incense Other
Nature Spirits Cornmeal, bread, grain, fruit, cheese Beer Sage Tobacco, quartz pebbles
House Spirits Bread, salt, oil, fruit Milk, wine, beer Frankincense, rosemary
Hearth Guardians Bread, butter, oil Milk Pine, rosemary
Threshold Guardians Barley, bread Wine Juniper
Border Guardians Eggs, honey, cakes Milk, wine, beer Rosemary, thyme, juniper Flower garlands
Garden Spirits Bread, fruit, honey, cornmeal Water, milk Bay Flowers
Deities in General Bread Wine, beer, milk Frankincense
Birth Goddesses Bread, eggs, cookies Milk, breast milk Sandalwood, mint, rose Infant's hair, umbilical cord
Ancestor Spirits Beans, food from the family table Drink from the family table Caraway Hair
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