Superstitions and Omens

Actual meaning of superstition is "the blind use of a form whose significance had been forgotten" and omen is "a rare or extraordinary event or physical activity using a non-human agency to prognosticate an emotional event; event is impossible under the known laws of physics; occurs as a signal of an opportunity to be seized, a danger to be avoided, or news of an emotional event to happen to oneself; a token indication given for the one where it happens; executed by an etheric world guide, a nature spirit, a deceased close friend, the universal mind or the subconscious mind; a flower growing out of a season; a picture falling off the wall when the person in another locale dies."

Following are the most common interpretations of itching on the human body:
Right Foot: A profitable travel, windfall
Left Foot: Loosing money on the road
Shins: An unpleasant surprise
Right Knee: Good news
Left Knee: Rumors about you
Thighs: A move
Abdomen: An invitation for party/feast
Right Palm/Ankle: Expect money
Left Palm/Ankle: Bills to pay/wasted money
Right Elbow: Good news, connection
Left Elbow: Bad news, enemies
Right Shoulder: An inheritance, good fortune
Left Shoulder: Unhappiness, unpleasant responsibility, loan, etc.
Back: Disappointment, turned down/off
Neck: Sickness/burn out
Mouth: Insult
Outside Nose: Crossed, vexed, kissed by a fool
Inside Nose: Grief
Right Eye: A pleasant meeting
Left Eye: Disappointments
Right Cheek/Ear: Derogatory remarks
Left Cheek/Ear: Complimentary/supplement
Top of Head: Good luck

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