Studies in Fairy Magick

If you knock on a door and it does not open, do not push. If you push the door gently and it opens, that is for you. You cannot go through a closed door. Too many people in your world waste time and effort banging at closed doors.
— Silver Birch

Study Lesson 1

As we delve into what magick is and how we are able to use, cast, affect, etc. we shall have to contemplate much of what is talked about. For the true understanding can not be explained with words alone, for it goes beyond words, beyond time, beyond reality.

The first thing to understand is that understanding is a three-fold process. Step one takes in (learn). Step two experience (utilize). Step three embody (understand). The next thing is when you make it to step three, you will start over again on step one. Makes things just a wee bit confusing.

As a beginner in the study of magick, you are free from limiting ideas. This will be your best tool. As we all understand more, we limit ourselves to feel in control and feel like we learned something. This will limit us, but as you learn more it becomes more dangerous, so many who don't have the right tools will fear what they have become and what reality is. Suddenly magick isn't fun and limitations are where it's at.

The thing to understand is you must be patient with yourself and learn the tools as they are offered you. If you don't, you take your chances of destroying your physical incarnation (oh, well try again in the next one). The thing is, if you push too far too fast, you will throw yourself out in a place where you have no tools. Getting back and regaining those tools will now be hard. There are those who have made it back, but only by sheer luck. So take the time to learn the steps and you will go as far as you want.

Santiago reached through to the Soul of the World, and saw that it was a part of the Soul of God. And he saw that the Soul of God was his own soul. And that he, a boy, could perform miracles.
— Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

Study Lesson 2

So now that you have been warned, we will delve into what magick really is and how to use it. magick plain and simple is the ability to create, modify or destroy reality. When we first begin we can create positive or negative events for ourselves that seem like luck. As we learn more we can change the possibilities of reality and even alter the physical world which is just an illusion. But this is just the beginning, it goes beyond anything you could imagine. True magick is gained only with experience. So thus we being the journey, a walk upon the pattern. When we begin magick there is but one thing that is important and that is focus. Without this you will be lost. To focus the mind, heart and soul we use three different methods, symbols, motions and sounds.

These three ways of focusing our mind are the ways in which we learn. Many people start out just using one of these three ways, those who are working with more powerful magick tend to mix two or all three together.

Symbols (The Mind)
To use symbols, takes ability to visualize something that has meaning and project it into the world so that it has an effect. Lets say you would like to bring love into your life, you might visualize hearts radiating out form you, and surrounding you. Mental mind, fiery emotion, passionate soul.

Motions (The Heart)
Almost like sign language and dancing put together. This is a full body orchestra that creates an effect by moving in harmony with what is to be affected. An example would be a rain dance in order to bring rain for the crops. Artistic mind, earthy and water emotions, depths of the soul.

Sounds (The Soul)
People using this method can approach it form one of two directions. Singing or the use of power words. Singing and power words make use of certain harmonics that trigger responses in reality, or effect power centers within a person. These centers have been called Chakras. Combined mind, airy emotions, spiral pattern of the soul.

Later we will go into more detain of those three focus tools. Once you have decided which one you will use to focus yourself with, you can then choose one of three primal energy centers to empower the magick you are about to manifest. These are Channeling, Controlling, and Transferring.

Channeling (The Divine)
This tapping into the Divine energy, the oneness, or the place we all come from. This energy is unlimited and very powerful. Passive Energy.

Controlling (The Self)
This is the energy that is within yourself, this source of energy often takes time to build up before it can be released to obtain an effect. The source of energy is limited, but it is also unlimited. In order for it to be unlimited, it requires more than one person to be in a circle holding hands. Active Energy.

Transferring (The Environment)
This is the strangest of the three. It requires that you connect to items in your environment. This is a very changeable energy source. Active & Passive Energy.

Now we must not forget the greatest tool of all and that is imagination. With this we can create the image in our mind of what we want to manifest. So lets go over the basic steps. First we focus ourselves, then we gather primal energy, then we release it and it manifests. When we first begin we will see little or no effect. This will be due to our lack of focus. In order to better focus, try using a candle and getting the flame to raise and lower, or you could try meditation and release your mind and be centered within, or you could sing a song and be totally caught up in the music. Whatever works is fine, you just have to practice until it becomes second nature.

Study Lesson 3

Now you have the basics of magick, but magick is nothing without balance within yourself and the world around you. As you awaken to your potential within, and without, you must be in harmony or else you disrupt what you are creating. Why? Because all the you create must have a foundation. If there is no foundation you are just creating illusions for yourself and thus it will at some point crumble and be destroyed.

How is a foundation created? It is through finding yourself, finding out who you are. In order to find who you are, find yourself, you must be ready to face yourself. The mind will get in the way as you explore deeper and deeper. The mind is like a knife dividing you up into little pieces, telling you that you are this and you are like this, and you feel this way about this.

The mind is a tool, not who you are! You need to let it go, such as through meditation or through awareness. What is awareness? It's the ability to step back from your mind and watch and thus you can alter the mind and use it like a tool. Meditation does the same thing but is a passive way rather then an active way of accomplishing the aim.

When you are close to moving the mind out of the way you will find that fear will come into play. This is because the mind is losing control. It will try to wrap you in a web of fear, saying "you will forget who you are, you will go insane, you will be nothing, etc.". Fear is the Ultimate illusion, this is the place of facing yourself.

Time is a key to understanding Fear and the Mind. For time does not exist. Everything happens in the same moment, the same point. You remember this ever changing point and thus you have past. You can predict patterns based off of this past and thus you have the possible future. Time is a tool, but most of us are caught up in it and thus we are controlled by it. Fear works within Time and the Mind uses it all to its advantage when you decide to give up mind.

It will be a struggle to begin with. We start out as the warrior on the path towards developing our magical ability, and we will win until we have to fight ourselves. At this point we will have to lose. Humility is a part of the path and when you can stop fighting yourself and lose, then you are ready to be the master of yourself.

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