String Magick to Break a Magickal Bond

If someone or something is causing you harm and you have done everything you can do to change the situation to the positive, then you may be suffering from a Magickal Psychic String. Before performing this spell, you must ensure that your "Slate is Clean" because of karmatic laws. You might even perform a Tarot reading on the situation or talk to a friend about the situation, just to ensure your innocence. Then and only then, may you proceed with this spell.

Find a piece of string that can be broken with your hands. Any kind will work. Begin to center and balance yourself as you move your awareness into a meditative state of mind. In front of your altar, light your favorite incense and a black candle.

Anoint and cleanse the string, repeating: "I cleanse thee from all negative and disharmonious energies. I create in thee a magick tool to be used as a creation for my highest good. So mote it be!"

Take the string in hand and verbally speak to the string about the situation. You must be totally honest or the magick may fail. Just let go! Feel all the magick of self as it begins to engulf your inner being. The more emotion you place into this spell, the more you will feel it's immediate results. Once you have expressed your feelings and the magickal moment has surrounded you, quickly break the string repeating three times:
"By the name of Aradia, Queen of Witches, I do break all negative and harmful psychic ties to myself."

Now, sit quietly near the altar allowing the magickal moment to pass. Breathe deeply and Let Go once again. Come back to the mundane realm. You might even take a walk outside, blessing everything you see, touch, or hear.

Allow the magick to work. Do not place any energy on the situation. Close yourself off from it by keeping yourself centered and grounded. As time passes, record the progress of the magick in your daily journal.

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