Stories, Myths, Legends, Folklore and Superstitions


A Creation Story
A Dragon Tale
A Flicker Upon the Eyes
A Zen Story
Angel with a Paintbrush
Aradia- Gospel of the Witches
Audience with the Keeper of Wisdom
Beauty and the Beast
Before Time Was
By the Earth that is Her Body
Creation Story
Desert Sky
Dragon Child
Drumming- The Beat Must Go on
Earth, Foot, Hand and Sky
Eyes of a Dyke
Fairy Tradition Creation Story
General Pumpkin
Goddess Movement
How Till Eulenspiegel Became a Furrier's Apprentice
Iroquois Creation Story
Light of the Womb
Maiden Story
Mother Hulda
My Indian Thing
Raiders of the Lost Basement
Strings on the Winds
Tales From Scherazade
The Adventures of Aladdin
The Body Under the Bed
The Coven at Pooh Corner
The Crystal Ball - Grimm Fairy Tale 197
The Elves of Madison Ave.
The Farmer and The Goddess - A Modern Story of Rebirth
The Feather and the Witch
The Fool
The Gifts of the Fool
The Heretic's Corner
The Land
The Last Dragon
The Necklace of a Thousand Strands
The Origin of Music
The Pattern
The Pentacle - A Teaching Story
The Sacred King
The Snow Queen
The Spirit of Halloween
The Story of Rabbit
The Story of the Seasons
The Wise Goodwife
Tlingit Creation Story
Two Witches - A Modern Craft Fairy-Tale
Unicorn Whispers
Walking With My Friends
What if God Wanted to Tell You?


A Dianic Creation Myth
A Few More Myths by Aries
A Healing Myth
A Yule Mythos
Celtic Creation Mythos
Classical Mythology
Creation Mystery
Creatures Mythical Magickal & Supernatural
History of the Bovinomicon
How the Seasons Came to be
How the Worlds and Peoples Came to be
Loyalty to Leto
Luna, the Summerland
Magickal Creatures
Mazes in Myth
Mythic Prose
Mythical and Magickal Creatures
Native American Mythology
Norse Mythology
Norse Mythology
Orion and Artemis
The Bath
The G.O.D. Story- a Myth of Creation
The Goddess in the Kingdom of Death
The Magick of the Real Mother Goose
The Myth of the Apple of Discord
The Reason for Death
The Riddle of the Trickster
The Sacrificial God Man
The Spirit and the Flute
Traditional Aboriginal Myth
What is Myth?
World Myth - The First Samhain
World Myth - Yule 1995


A Four Leaf Clover
A Legend of Masamune and Murasama Blades
Backcountry Magick Ways- The Border Obsession with Sorcery
Breaking Wind - Legendary Farts
Creation of the Animal People
Fairy Gifts
Legend of Wodin/Odin Retrieving the Runes
Nameless Pasture
Nursery Rhymes - Magickal Secrets
Poisoned Earth
The Bitch
The Hand from the Grave
The Legend of Stonehenge
The Legend of the Maiden
The Legends of Vampires and Werewolves
The Magickal Legend of the Witches
The Mystery of Loch Ness
Water Spirit Legends
Weather and Climate Legends
Witchcraft Legends

Folklore and Folktales

Animal Folklore
Bald Stories - Folktales About Hairless Men
Blue Moon?
Cat Folklore and Magick
Christmas Tree Folklore and Traditions
Folk Lore
Folklore of the Gaels
Folktales for Travelers
Folktales From the Philippines
Food Folklore
Gardening Folk Lore
Household Folklore
How to Be Lucky in Love
Modern Medical Folklore
Nature and Weather Lore
Persian Folk Tale
Plant Omens
Sacred Woods and the Lore of Trees
The Blue Belt - A Folktale From Norway
The Language of Flowers
The Lore of Numbers
Weather Folk Lore
Wood Lore


A Word About Superstitions
Animal Superstitions
Black Cats
Black-Eyed Peas
Breaking a Mirror
Cat Superstitions
Cat Superstitions
Charms and Chinese Superstitions
Cowboy Superstitions
Dental Superstitions
Do Black Cats Cause Bad Luck?
Elderly Beliefs
Evil Eye
Facts About Religions, Superstitions and Other Beliefs
Fairy Superstitions
Fisherman Superstitions
Flower Superstitions
Foreign Superstitions
Friday the 13th
General Superstitions
German Superstitions
Gypsy Love Magick
It's Friday the 13th, Do You Know Where Your Superstition is?
Kitty Superstitions
Knocking on Wood
Love Superstitions
More on Cats
More Superstitions
Old Customs
Old Superstitions in Mercer County
Omens, Superstitions and Other Oddities
Pennsylvania Superstitions
Rabbit's Foot
Silly Superstitions
Spilling Salt
Sports Superstitions
Superstitions and Home Remedies
Superstitions and Omens
Superstitions and Omens
Superstitions from Europe
Walking Under a Ladder
Wedding Superstitions
Wedding Superstitions and Traditions
Woods and Furniture and Superstitions

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