Stone Uses
Agate Eases stress and pain of a loss. Reduces anxiety
Amber Fossils from pine tree resin, they add strength to magick and spells, attract love and increase beauty
Amethyst Increases spiritual awareness, used in all workings for peace, love, happiness and protection, used in divination and psychic work
Apache Tears Protection, grounding, good luck and they may be used for divination
Aventurine Increases mental powers, perception and creative insight, gambler’s stone
Beryl Attracts deep romance and love
Bloodstone Increase physical strength and courage, brings victory in the courtroom, used to banish, exorcise
Carnelian Promotes self-confidence and peace, eases depression
Clear Quartz Holding or increasing energy
Coral Protects against the evil eye, all spells intended to harm the wearer, natural disasters and unfortunate occurrences
Diamond Reconciling differences between two that have quarreled. This stone is said to symbolize peace, fidelity and opulence
Emerald Precognition and the ability to see the future. It is said to nurture love and beauty and turns all negative spells back to the sender
Fluorite Reduces emotional involvement, used to gain perspective, increase mental power
Garnet Enhances strength and endurance, protection, healing, enhances self-esteem and encourages success in business
Hematite Legal matters, victory, healing
Jasper Can protect from pain and guard one’s independence. It is said to bring the wearer good fortune and protection from the controlling influences of others
Jade Good luck, protection from disease or evil spirits. It is said to enhance one’s occult powers. It presents serenity and immortality
Lapis Lazuli Stimulates wisdom, truthfulness, psychic awareness, healing
Lepidolite A calming stone, this is carried for peace, spirituality and to drive off negativity
Lodestone (Green) Draws money, employment, strengthens loyalty, used in bindings
Lodestone (Red) Draws love, friendship, strengthens loyalty, used in bindings
Malachite Draws money and protection, guards the wearer from danger
Moonstone Draws love, hope and protection, promotes unselfishness and helps settle disputes, induces prophetic dreams
Obsidian Used for grounding and centering, divination, and increasing spirituality
Opal Good luck and extra mental powers
Petrified Wood Good for past life work, nervous conditions and grounding
Rose Quartz Draws love and happiness. Helps heal a broken heart
Ruby Qualities of power, loyalty and courage
Sapphire Radiate gentleness and peace. It is said that this stone helps bring Justice and truth to light
Sardonyx It is said to strengthen the wits of its wearer and imports warmth and precision
Sodalite Used for meditation, brings wisdom and calms inner conflict
Tiger’s Eye Draws wealth and money, protects travelers, increases clarity of thought
Topaz Give protection to warriors, has the qualities to put demons to flight, and vanquishes the evil spells of sorcerers. Can be used for divining purposes
Turquoise Believed to bring love and courage. It is also said to be a protector against violence in thought and deed. Also good for reducing bodily and mental tensions
Zircon Attracts fame and fortune. It is considered to be a wishing stone. It is also a protector against accidents or natural disasters
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