One-Card Spread

  • What do I need to know about —?
  • What will happen if I —?
  • How can I —?
  • Where should I —?
  • What do I need to be aware of today?
  • What should I do about —?

Two-Card Spread

  • Option A/Option B
  • Should I?/Shouldn't I?

Three Card Spread

  • Past, present, future
  • This morning, this afternoon, this evening
  • What I left behind, what I have, what I will get
  • You, what you have, what you need
  • The question, what to do, what not to do
  • Choice A, choice B, an option you haven't considered
  • You, your partner, the relationship
  • Where I am, where I want to be, how to get there
  • The situation, choice/option A, choice/option B
  • You, the problem, the solution

Four Card Draw

Just like the three card draw, the four card can have many interpretations. Just because a drawing is simple, do not think that it isn’t powerful. Some of these quick readings are full of information and really all you need to know. Here are some examples:
  • What you have, what you desire, what you need, what you get
  • The situation, how it evolves in the next four weeks, someone/something that will effect the situation, the outcome
  • What you need to leave behind/release, what you must confront, what you need to know, what you will attain
  • Outlook for an event/situation, who/what will help, where it will lead, what emotions it will invoke
  • Your greatest strength, how you can enhance it, how you can apply it, what strength it brings you

Five Card Spread

The Spread of Changes is made up of five cards arranged in a horizontal line, dealt from left to right.
  1. (far left) A past event or influence that is the root cause of the change at hand. Something that is behind you but which is still having an impact on your life.
  2. (near left) Your initial state. The attitude or opinion you held before the change. How you saw yourself before the change, or how you think you were.
  3. (center) The change itself, which may already have happened, which may be in the process of manifesting itself or which may not occur for some time.
  4. (near right) Your changed state. The attitude or opinion you hold after the change. How you see yourself after the change, or how you want to be.
  5. (far right) A future event that will happen as a result of the change. A new option that opens itself because of the change. A desired outcome.

The Celtic Cross

This ten card spread is probably the most well-known spread. While many people start with this spread, many quickly abandon it or adapt the spread to better suit their needs.
  1. Your present situation
  2. What crosses you; your obstacle or assisting influences
  3. Past events that determined your present situation
  4. Resent past; an influence on the current situation that is waning but still there
  5. A possible future based upon your energy at the moment
  6. The near future; the short-term outcome of the question at hand
  7. How you perceive the situation
  8. How others see you
  9. Your hopes and fears
  10. The final outcome

Note: Compare card five and ten. If there appears to be a discrepancy, it is a message that you will have to take some different actions to achieve the outcome your desire.

The Relationship Spread

  1. What you are bringing to the relationship
  2. What the other person is bringing
  3. How the relationship effects you emotionally
  4. How the relationship effects your partner emotionally
  5. The outcome of the relationship

Making a Decision

1-3. What will happen if you chose option A
4-6. What will happen if you chose option B
7. Outcome if you chose A
8. Outcome if you chose B
9. Something you need to know before deciding

Astrological Spread

  1. First House: The house of self-expression and identity; how you see yourself
  2. Second House: The house of tangible assets, personal income and earning capability
  3. Third House: The house of intellect and communications, mental expression and relatives
  4. Fourth House: The house of home, property, environmental expenses and domestic affairs
  5. Fifth House: The house of pleasurable purists, romance, entertainment and speculative adventures
  6. Sixth House: The house of working conditions and career as well as health, sickness and nutrition
  7. Seventh House: The house of partnerships, agreements and mergers, business and personal relationships
  8. Eight House: The house of death, rebirth, legacies and inherited assets
  9. Ninth House: The spiritual guidance and teachings which work toward developing self knowledge; travel and lengthy journeys
  10. Tenth House: The house of goals, ambitions, achievements and worldly attainments
  11. Eleventh House: The house of friendship and for other affiliations which help to advance your personal suffering
  12. Twelfth House: The house of a blind spot in your make up that could case limitation or unnecessary suffering
  13. Thirteenth Card: The summation of all the proceeding cards

The Elemental Pentacle

Each point of the pentacle represents a different element, as shown above. These elemental positions influence the cards that are placed there; some elements naturally oppose each other. Fire and Water are opposites, as are Earth and Air; they weaken when placed near each other. This means that a Cup card in the Fire position loses a lot of its power. Also, a strong Wand card in the Fire position will gain strength, and will weaken the card in the Water position.

Here are what the five positions mean:

  1. The topmost point — Spirit (To Go) Represents outside influences in the matter, or the essence of the matter (a synthesis of all the other cards and a key to the reading as a whole). It may also show the best possible outcome of the situation. A card in this position is made more powerful if it is a Major Arcana. The first position is not modified by any of the other positions.
  2. The lower left point — Earth (To Keep Silent) Represents stable energies in the situation, not likely to change in the near future, lasting influences. May also represent the foundation of the matter; why things are the way they are. This foundation may be known or unknown to the seeker. The card in this position is strengthened if it is a Pentacle or an Earth Major, but weakened if it is a Sword or Air Major. This position is also modified by the card in the fourth position.
  3. The upper right point — Water (To Dare) Represents somewhat stable but still fluid energies, which may change but are likely to remain. May also represent the action to take at this point which would lead to the best outcome. The card in this position has its power increased when it is a Cup or Water Major, and decreased if it is a Wand or Fire Major. This position is influenced by the fifth position.
  4. The upper left point — Air (To Know) Represents dynamic energies in the situation that are likely to change in the future. Can also reveal a secret to the seeker, or show them what they must know or learn in order to act. The card laid here is made more powerful if it is a Sword or Air Major, and weaker if it is a Pentacle or an Earth Major. The position itself is influenced by the second position.
  5. The lower right point — Fire (To Will) Represents those forces which are in a constant state of change, or that are entering or leaving the matter. Also shows what the seeker wants to do; the action which they are planning on taking at this time. This position is influenced by the third position. The card here is made more powerful when it is a Wand or a Fire Major, but weakened if it is a Cups card or a Water Major.

The Heart Spread

This spread is designed to aid clients who want to know more about the possibility for a relationship with a particular individual, or the factors involved in an existing relationship. Romantic relationships are almost always the subject, but this spread is open-ended enough that any kind of relationship could potentially be explored. Note that the spread does not tell anything about the person the client asks about, it focuses on the relationship as a whole. So for questions such as "Who is my true love?" this spread would not work. But "Is John my true love?" could be answered with a Heart Spread.

1-3. These represent one group of factors, either in favor of the relationship or acting against it. Based on the natures of the cards you should be able to tell whether they are favorable or unfavorable; by default it shows the forces in favor.
If you wish, this group can be treated as a body/mind/spirit triad or something similar. The first card would then be a physical factor in favor (or against), the second would be a mental factor, etc.
4-6. Essentially the same as the previous group, but it represents the opposite of the first group. So if the first group shows factors in favor, this second group shows factors against the progress of the relationship. By default it is factors against.
7. Basically a synthesis of the first six cards, this position shows how the relationship will most likely unfold or change in the near future.
8. This is a "factor for change" position shows something that can affect the outcome. If the outcome is favorable, this position will show something to avoid; if the outcome is not favorable, look here for a way to bring about something more desirable.

The Mountain Stream

So named because a mountain stream often switches channels while still flowing down the hillside, the Spread of the Mountain Stream is used to assess where a situation is going and what changes should be made or avoided to favor the best outcome. The single time-line branches into three lines, each of which can show a different message and a different possible future.
  1. The distant past, the foundation of the matter and also the reasons why it is so important now
  2. The recent past, and any recent events which have served to set events in motions
  3. The state of the situation at the time of the reading
  4. Can reflect the present state or show what kind of changes are currently taking place
  5. The short-term future of the situation, if nothing changes
  6. The long-term future of the situation, if nothing changes
  7. A possibility for change, another option that can be taken
  8. The long-term future of the situation, if the change that is described by #7 is made
  9. A second possibility for change
  10. The long-term future of the situation, if the change that is described by #9 is made

A variation of this spread involves removing cards 1, 6, 8, and 10 for a shorter and more localized spread. This is useful when you are more concerned with short-term than long-term effects.

The Lemniscate

Laid out to resemble the sign of infinity, the Lemniscate Spread is designed for giving advice and aiding decisions. Two different views of the matter are contrasted and synthesized; usually these will correspond to the client's two main choices in the matter. By looking at the four cards for each question, it becomes easier to see which option will be best for the client to pursue.
  1. The first option, from the emotional perspective
  2. The first option, from the spiritual perspective
  3. The first option, from the practical perspective
  4. Synthesis and outcome if the first option is taken
  5. The second option, from the emotional perspective
  6. The second option, from the spiritual perspective
  7. The second option, from the practical perspective
  8. Synthesis and outcome if the second option is taken

The Event Spread

This spread is used to analyze specific events in a client's life or predict when they will likely happen. The layout is simple but powerful, and it answers what are usually the six most important questions on a client's mind.
  1. Who — could be the client or another person that will play an important role in this event.
  2. When — can provide an explicit time frame or some other occurrence that must precede the event in question.
  3. Where — can provide an explicit location where the event will take place, or a symbolic one.
  4. What — describes the event itself in terms of what will happen or what impact it will have on the client's life.
  5. Why — The underlying cause of the event; when properly understood the card in this position can often be used to speed up the occurrence of the event.
  6. How — How the event will manifest; there may be some surprises here if something is going to turn out differently than the client expects.
  7. An optional card, used when necessary to provide a summary of the reading or clarify any ambiguities (especially in the second and third positions).

The Planetary Spread

  1. Sun — It shows where the individual is focusing most of his or her thoughts, feelings, actions, and recent choices — where he or she is placing his or her “will” at the moment.
  2. Moon — This position lets you know how the person is currently dealing with the emotional ups and downs of life.
  3. Mercury — This is how the person is communicating, and what type of verbal interplay he or she is involved in at the moment. Cards, letters, e-mails, and faxes are included in this category, as well as travel plans.
  4. Venus — This tells you about the person’s love life and social skills. It can also hint at educational pursuits.
  5. Mars — Here we see the type of energy the person is actively using. He or she may be aggressive or complacent; recent events they have had to deal with often pop up here.
  6. Jupiter — This position tells you where the person is expanding in his or her life at the moment. Sometimes it speaks of hopes and dreams that they are working on, or added responsibilities that they feel are fulfilling. If these responsibilities are stifling they will appear under the Saturn category. You can also tell if a person’s faith in something is right on target or misplaced.
  7. Saturn — This is a category of endings, rulings, restrictions, limitations, structure, parental influence, and sometimes honor (especially if the sun card falls here). It can also focus on sickness and recovery.
  8. Tells you what is the next best move in relation to all other cards.
  9. Tells you where your focus should be for the next six months in regard to your spiritual path.

The Astrological House Spread

  1. House of Life — Eastern Rising — Here is the vital spirit of the querent, how he or she thinks about themselves and what is “rising” in his or her life. Future trends and ways of new thinking will fall here. The basic character of the person at this point in time will be revealed. Normally the first house connects with all the others and will show a theme throughout the reading.
  2. House of Value — Rising from the Underworld — What is most important to the querent in terms of value will appear here. Sometimes this will be about material things, but other times it may be about intangible aspects of the individual. This placement will also show you how the person has risen above recent experiences or overcome events. Personal addictions sometimes appear here.
  3. House of Brothers — Home of the Goddess — The impact of the actions of siblings, short-distance travel, and the type of communication currently enjoyed by the querent will be found here. Goddess-centered studies, magicks, and rituals that can be performed to help the querent sometimes appear in this position.
  4. House of Parents — Alchemical Lower Heaven — The current relationship with parents and family might be clarified by the cards in this house. Depending on how this chart is read, the dominant parent would be in the tenth house and the more submissive or supportive parent in the fourth. This is also the house of endings, therefore after the entire spread is read, any cards in this placement can give you a specific end to the matter. The Alchemical Lower Heaven shows what efforts the querent is making to build toward a better future in the realm of “home base”, and relates to bringing thought to form.
  5. House of Children — Good Luck — If the individual has children, the impact of their actions fall here. If one has a pet that is considered a family member, you’ll find this friend in the fifth house too. Opportunities of future good luck and people who bring good fortune toward the client will also appear in this house. Affairs or chance encounters and hobbies also show up in this placement.
  6. House of Health and Sickness — Bad Luck — General health issues (both good and bad), psychological recovery, and daily tasks are ruled by the cards placed here. Any recent unfortunate circumstances that would be considered a “wrong place, wrong time” scenario will be found here. As to the future, this is the house of warning, letting the querent know what can be changed to avoid disaster should such circumstances be looming on the horizon.
  7. House of Marriage — Western Setting — Any type of long-lasting partnership, whether in marriage, schooling, or business, appears here — from best friends to live-in lovers to future marriage prospects. This is also the house of open enemies, meaning those people who purposefully bring bad luck to your doorstep. Finally, the house of western setting lets us know what is beginning to move out of the querent’s life. What is finished will show up in the next house.
  8. House of Death — Descending to the Underworld — Tells us what we should have finished, what is finished (but we are too stubborn to admit it), and what we may be burying in our subconscious so that it can percolate awhile. “Cast off thy raiments” is a very good analogy for this placement. What is left when all is gone? Only your own true self, which will emerge in the second house in a later reading.
  9. House of Journeys — Home of the God — Long-distance travel and higher education are found here. How the querent reacts to the laws of the land or school may also be discovered. One’s current social class and faith, in the self and in others, might also be shown. This is the home of the God (Sun God), and in that respect speaks of any rituals, magicks, or studies that relate to this energy.
  10. House of Honors — Highest Alchemical Heaven — This position shows where the querent has the highest influence, and who may have influence over him or her. If the querent is experiencing a psychological dysfunction, it may appear here. Career, recent and future achievements, and the dominant parent are also under the rulership of this house.
  11. House of Friends — Good Spirit — The querent’s connection to the people and groups of all sorts can be found here, as well as possible hopes and dreams. Information about one’s guardian angel/spirit guide might also be found. In the Roman system, one’s association to Spirit and faith are also shown here.
  12. House of Enemies — Bad Spirit — The character of enemies (open and hidden) can sometimes be discerned through the cards that fall here, or those groups or organizations that carry ill will toward the querent. Hidden physical illness (bad spirits) might be discovered by reading this placement. This is also the house of one’s undoing — meaning it is another warning house that can let the querent know where not to tread in the future, or what to change to provide a better outcome of a particular situation.

Two Paths Spread

1. Where you are now
2 and 5. The benefits of each choice
3 and 6. The downsides to each choice
4 and 7. The probable outcomes of each choice

Does He Love Me Spread

  1. How he/she feels about you
  2. His/her favorite aspect of the relationship
  3. What he/she thinks about you
  4. His/her least favorite aspects of the relationship
  5. What he/she loves best about you
  6. His/her hopes for the relationship
  7. What he/she doesn't love about you
  8. His/her fears regarding the relationship

Will this Relationship Last Spread

1-3. The strengths of the relationship
4-6. The weaknesses of the relationship
7. The probable outcome if everything remains as it is.

Will I Find Love Spread

  1. What do I need to know about finding love at present?
  2. In what way am I ready or not ready for love?
  3. What do I want from love?
  4. Where can I find love?

Is He/She "The One" for Me Spread

  1. What's hot?
  2. What's not?
  3. How do you respond to him/her emotionally?
  4. How do you respond to him/her physically?
  5. How do you respond to him/her spiritually?
  6. How do you respond to him/her intellectually?
  7. What do you think of him/her?
  8. The question you need to ask yourself

What Do I Need to Know Spread

  1. What do you get from him/her?
  2. What do you not get from him/her?
  3. If not him/her, where are you getting it?
  4. What does he/she get from you?
  5. What does he/ she not get from you?
  6. If not you, where is he/she getting it?

Getting Ready Spread

  1. What the employers want from you
  2. How you can highlight it
  3. What they don't want from you
  4. How you can minimize it
  5. What they don realize they want
  6. How you can "wow" them

Waiting for the Answer Spread

1. What are they looking for
2. What you showed them
3-5. What they saw as your strengths
6-8. What they saw as your weaknesses
9. Something you need to know about the situation
10. The probable outcome

Should I Take It Spread

  1. The best benefit for you
  2. The biggest downside for you
  3. What you'll love about the job
  4. What you won't
  5. What you'll appreciate about the boss
  6. What you'll find most challenging about the boss
  7. What you'll like about the co-workers
  8. What will challenge you about the co-workers
  9. What you need to know about this job

Is Prosperity Coming My Way Spread

This spread depends on the number of your needs or wants. list them out before beginning. If the cards indicate that any of the needs won't be met, pull an extra card to find out if there is another resource that you could investigate.

Message from the Universe Spread

Divide your deck into five piles: Major Arcana, wands, cups, swords, and pentacles/coins. Shuffle each pile and set them face down as shown above. Turn over the top card of each pile.
  • The Major Arcana card represents your spiritual life
  • The wands card represents your work life
  • The cups card represents your emotional life
  • The swords card represents your intellectual life
  • The pentacles/coins card represents your physical life

If any area seems to need attention, look at the card on the bottom of its pile for advice on what action to take.

What to Do Spread

1-3. What you did in the past
10. The outcome
4-6. What you're doing now (or just finished doing)
11. The outcome
7-9. What you should do next
12. The probable outcome

Working It Out Spread

1-3. Your point of view
4-6. The other person's point of view
7-9. How you can find common ground

Dream Spread

  1. What specific event, situation, reaction, emotion, ect., is this dream about?
  2. What blocked the message from my conscious mind?
  3. What is the most important message that I should take from this dream?
  4. How do I apply that message in my waking life?

Tree of Life Spread

  1. Querant's highest intelligence — Ideals
  2. Creative Force
  3. Life, Wisdom
  4. Virtues; good qualities
  5. Conquest
  6. Health
  7. Love; lust
  8. Arts, Crafts; Procreation
  9. Imagination; Creativity
  10. Earthly home

Ying-Yang Spread

  1. Factor contributing to the problem
  2. Factor contributing to the problem
  3. Official or public position for Side A. Impression A wants to make. How Side B perceives Side A
  4. Official or public stance for Side B. Impression B wants to make. How Side A perceives Side B
  5. What Side A consciously thinks and feels. Side A's ideal outcome
  6. What Side B consciously thinks and feels. Side B's ideal outcome
  7. What Side A unconsciously thinks and feels. Deeper motivation
  8. What Side B unconsciously thinks and feels. Deeper motivation
  9. Guidance for Side A. What A should do to reach its ideal
  10. Guidance for Side B. What B should do to reach its ideal
  11. Guidance for both Sides A and B. Key to understanding the conflict. How they might compromise
  12. Outcome if situation continues as is
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